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Dec 6, 2010
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Alaina Bonnie Knight
The purpose of this thread is to combine all the links and resources in one place for ease of finding ( both by me and the search engines / algorithms 🙃). I'm forever trying to be helpful, but often forgetful 🥲 I know I've covered the topic somewhere at some point, but as of yet don't have a one stop shop with key words to find them all!

If you are reading this as you were looking for something, it worked! Otherwise all that this is below is a huge collection of somewhat random Entropia Info and content! (it won't be pretty to read straight :rolleyes: )

ATH - BP-130 tier 10
Ascension armour (next island)

Cyborg suit (arkadia)
Tezla & divine intervention
Tezla Pet tricks

Conq's Memorial

Arkadia instances and events

Arkadia Migration 2023

Cyrene pet mission

Dark Nawa Event mobs + Crossover mission info (toulan)

Drakes - Next Island
Epic Interplanetary boss waves (sept 21)
Egg NFTs
FAP mission info[Eir Mk 3 (L)] + VIP house access 16+ped daily ( Next island)


10 year space Event Finale + Aurli Hive & Bone chat
Cyrene Content ~Fenris Hunt~ info [Perfected Imperium Plate]
Aurli hive
Flesh ripper & why they are good to hunt - skill info
Ghostly skreechers (next island)
Gorgon armor info
GMC & Mech spawning ark moon

Imperium armour missions & HUB ( Cyrene)

Hadeshiem bots
Imperial Hazen in space
Hunt the thing ( rocktropia)
Halloween survival 2021
Halloween survival 2022
Harvest Matrix
How to HUSSK
Karmoosh aleef
Kim|Calypso Interview (2013)
Cyrene- Great SeaBeast Lazidol!
Cyrene Armor info+Big mobs hunt[Perfected Imperium Head Guard (M)]
Daspelator hunting - New treasure island
Dsec Lotus temple instances info [Lotus Armor Arm

Easter mayhem 2022 Defence Final stage (20!) [Warlock Back Spikes (F)]
Fort Medusa Calamusoid mission
Zeus Next island
Gold lotus temple instance DSEC9
Dsec Lotus temple instances info
What is Nawacore (toulan)
Next island Stel mission incision plates
Merry mayhem ffa 2021
Monria event & DSEC exploration
Mountain of madness (shub spine dsec-9)
Mothership battles
Mindforce effects
Next Island Centaurs & Hero Estates
Next Island Carnival
Old Freds
Prison NWO Prison Mission chain. [Legend War Axe, Unique] loot chat (rocktropia)
PvP Thunderdome
RDI lab mission info
RDI Lab hunt
Calypso Robot Spring Offensive (2022)


Mecha Lupine event Cyrene

Sand King
Secret island temples & KONG! MIssion [Mindkey] info
Silver crown ( OTIS - DSEC9 )
Shop - looting book of life page on Toulan
Space Karma
Space Mob info and Locations
New Space Update - Pilot Guns

Smuggler genetic labs
Mayhem defence complete - 2023

Migration (eomon)

Megaladon & molochs next island

Molochs and daudamour next island ancient greece
St Patricks event 2022 Monria

Monria event
Tailoring info - Mutant Fury Event

Murder zoo ( flora and fauna toulan)

Mul event 2023

Otis Dsec9

Pyramid of shut'thend and smuggler genetics lab

Thunderdome Next island

Titans of Space 10 Year anniversary Event! Space Boss waves!

Tezla Wave
Tezla Boss
Tezla & divine intervention
Tezla Pet tricks
Toulan event - murder zoo ( Flora & Fauna centre)
Unreal Engine5 Early Access Demo+MetaHuman-Entropia discussion+Dasp Hunt
VirtualSense Anniversary Event (2021)

Some PCF pic links are broken, ill endevour to go through them all fixing this.
These are just links to my content, there is loads more fabulous infomation and resources out there, including other more comprehensive guides on the same topics. Use all the info you need :)

Most links to long streams were at one point Live... not this fancy You tube edited stuff, so feel free to skip through them to the relevant bit. Some of it is old and cringe :D but hey maybe one day it will be of use to someone.
Its a live list I'll update frequently.
The reason I have chose to post it here, is its a trusted Entropia owned site so if someone is searching - it doesn't look too dodgey :D
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Holyyyy content creator!! Nice work Bonnie!
This is impressive! Thanks for putting it together. Mega helpful!
From one long-ass forum thread creator to another: "Wow :jawdrop:"
More added :oops: ill figure out a format eventually 🙃
Karmoosh Aleef?

"Ah yes, that time I cried real tears over a virtual pet live" :rolleyes:

Must be added here, curious content updated :oops:
lazy ass. make your own website portfolio. Have I taught you nothing??

Harvest Matrix (V1) added for anyone who didnt get to see it yet :)
2023 Easter mayhem defence completed added, and some more curious content 🥰
Time to set up a page on for posterity of the Normandie and its adventures.
Ark migration 2023, new Cyrene pet missions and Ark labs added this month :handgun: