Achievement: Entropia Master Combat

Jul 9, 2007
Titans of Space
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John Black Knight

Finally reached Average Entropia Master for Combat profession tab ! :handgun:

This might even be an entropia first to reach this title for average :D
Congrats, nice achievement, MA should really start paying some dividends towards you players that are spending most of your life invested in their game. Imo it is only fair to do so, hopefully they'll listen. 😂😎🥳🍻
Big Gz man! Good stuff. You truly are a beast skiller.
We need to open a sweat gather ladder to distract this man....
GZ mate

Your mission JBK should you choose to accept it is level 200 sweat gatherer ...this message will self destruct at some unknown time in the future !

Seriously though that's some impressive skilling congrats.
John you are 1 screen away ... press K post first page... i cant resist curiosity of skill outflow
i would bet on RDA, Wounding, KS Anatomy and of course some range DMG outflows
i did not expect marksmanship ... damn that is a REAL pistol focus.
thank you for motivating me to reach 500k
WOW!! Gratz m8!!!