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Sep 30, 2006
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This is a flying flesh-eating lizard.

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Old Alpha14510Large4010105130


PlanetLon.Lat.Direction from nearest TPMaturityDensityNotesVerified
Calypso6200087700SE Cape CorinthYoung to OldLow30-Apr-17
Calypso8750079500NE NymphtownYoung to OldLow3-Mar-16
Calypso5610062900SE Odysseus LandingProvider to ProwlerMedium3-Mar-16
Calypso5330060800W Fort VictoriaDominant to ProwlerLow3-Mar-16
Calypso7680068100E BoreasAlpha to StalkerLow16-Apr-15
Calypso7920070500SW OsereProvider to StalkerMedium
Calypso1850045700W Winter ParkWinter Park LA


Mission NameObjectiveReward
Hunting Challenge: Iron Hiryuu IKill 100 HiryuuRifle (0.22) / Handgun (0.22) / Melee Combat (0.07)
Hunting Challenge: Iron Hiryuu IIKill 500 HiryuuRifle (1.08) / Handgun (1.08) / Melee Combat (0.34)
Hunting Challenge: Iron Hiryuu IIIKill 1000 HiryuuRifle (2.15) / Handgun (2.15) / Melee Combat (0.69)
Hunting Challenge: Iron Hiryuu IVKill 5000 HiryuuIntelligence (10) + Rifle (8.19) / Intelligence (10) + Handgun (8.19) / Intelligence (10) + Melee Combat (2.60) / Rifle (10.75) / Handgun (10.75) / Melee Combat (3.44)
Hunting Challenge: Iron Hiryuu VKill 10000 HiryuuStamina (25) + Rifle (15.09) / Stamina (25) + Handgun (15.09) / Stamina (25) + Melee Combat (4.79) / Rifle (21.50) / Handgun (21.50) / Melee Combat (6.88)


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Confirmed spawn at 56047, 62903

There was some weirdness to the area.

1) Swim speed seemed much faster than any other area.
2) Hiryuu would leave the immediate area if you stand still but if you just keep moving to a different island, there's always more to shoot at. I tagged 3-4 at a time before they could wander off then rotated to a new island.

Maturities ranged from Provider to Prowler.
Calypso: 62700/87100 - SE Cape Corinth - Young to Old - Low

- Went there today, strayed around a little, did not see any Hiryuu. Might well be me just missing them ofc. Also, the closest TP to that location is now Half Moon Bay TP.

cheers, eras
There is a spot: 61768, 87346 - low spawn, young - mature - old maturity. Thats about straight south of Cape Corinth (a little less than one TP Chip level 1 jump).

Mixed with a few L2 Conrundos Puny and L1 Puny / L3 Berycled Juvenile.

cheers, eras
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I did a few Hiryuu at Corinth last night too, the spawn was definitely there, but it's always sparse. Coords are more like 62000, 87700 though, so I'll change that.
Increased Hiryuu spawn southwest of Osere

Spent some time looking for this and couldn't find it, if anybody finds this let me know.

edit: found them around here [79166, 70521, 156]

provider - stalker, good density, not too high up in the air

i like this spawn, the only way it could be better is if the maturity was a bit lower or if the challenge was kill point based rather than per-kill based, still think it's good though.
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winter park have hiryuus aswell, W from tp [18514, 45730, 118]
[79162, 70512, 206]

this spot is amazing - Provider to old alpha - nice and thick spawn

good respawns. I cant clear em out with 30 dps

not too high in the air with 80 range
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[79162, 70512, 206]

this spot is amazing - Provider to old alpha - nice and thick spawn

good respawns. I cant clear em out with 30 dps

not too high in the air with 80 range

Already mentioned in the OP but yeah this is probably the best current spawn for Hiryuu, nice addition from MA about a year ago to give us a half decent spawn for them finally.
56000 59800 on the island SE of Fort Victoria TP

Though it's well known to be the location to Hunt Chirpy, there is also 1 spawn (so very low) of Hiryuu

But... :cool: this 1 spawn once killed re-spawn in just 3 seconds ! So even with just 1 spawn on the island, doing the Daily Category 1 mission is very fast ! (y)

Then if you're more than 1 on the island, in that case better team up :giggle:

Though lower level players will prefer other locations for the Daily Cat 1 as the maturity on the island is lvl 11 provider to 14 old alpha (rare)
There’s a pure and decent spawn of hiryuu, young to old, sometimes a provider, at [62480, 88770]. Did the daily 1 of 50 hiryuu easily there 😃.