Impact of deposits on loot


Jun 20, 2017
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Son Alukat Goku
Result is ALWAYS what it's suposed to be. (sadly) :yup:
in the very long run, that may hold true. However, there can be tempory bumps where it's lower or higher than what it's supposed to be (outliers).


Oct 3, 2019
So thanks to my Looter skills that I have 60% return and not 57% :yay:

Anyway, this Cant' be tested, you could not read the result since you can't tell if yes or no the looter skills made the difference.
Also it would need 2 identical avatars, twins, whith same "story", same deposits, same amount cycled before, etc..
And furthermore, this is a test on 2 mob..:rolleyes:

I would eventually consider seriously a test on 10K mob.
you dont really need to test on 10k mobs if the expected result is confirming on every mob you kill. 10 kills is perfectly fine to confirm a theory if every single mob of those 10 gives pretty much exactly 3% different return depending on the looter skills.

Rock Stone

Jan 18, 2019
There has to be some controls on this theory.
I thought that maybe I got good Returns after depositing.
I don't believe it now.

I have to think about my behaviour after I deposit.
I have more Peds, I'm more active, I reload all my armor.
I'm at my best!
When I'm low on Peds trying to be conservative It's a slow ride.
I'm controlling the situation and the time between wins is slowed.
My armor is getting weak, my guns are low on TT, My Fap is running out.
Then there's the controls you need to do with weapon type.
UL? L? Enhancers? AMPs? Meele? Mob?
There's too many variables.
You would have to do exactly the same thing you were doing for the last day or two, deposit money and do exactly the same thing.

My rich Unk who is a high roller when he goes to Vegas or Reno, Always plays exactly the same way.
Don't come. He knows the odds, and that he will be up and down.
6 1/2% against him at the craps table playing this way The odds don't change.
I seen him with 10K on the table.
Pisses off all the players! They say he is jinxing the table.
He says best to go to a table that's hot because it will cool off.
He buffers this with the free penthouse, free room service, limo service etc...
They are just waiting for him to screw up and play wrong.
No such thing to him as bad luck only bad play.
Takes a very self controlled person to be able to do this.



Jun 26, 2013
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Leeloo Leeloo Mountain
So how is it posible that right after i deposit or open 20x boxes i suddenly get an global and improved loot?

And was not only just 1 situation, everytime i get that.
Now I'm just thinking logical ....

When would you buy boxes for UA?

When you lost and need more ammo to play no?

You prolly do not buy those when you just had some great loot and lots of shrapnel :)


Jan 23, 2019
All I said is that there is no such thing as "Luck".

Neither IRL nor ingame.

That's where you find "luck", but you're wrong..

Result is ALWAYS what it's suposed to be. (sadly) :yup:
Cirrus you have a new fanboy... I agree %100 of everything you say... keep posting so I dont have to type anything, lol


Jun 24, 2012
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I'm quite sure there is no connection between depos and
individuals return. I can say that since I seen MAs patent and
the graphics explaining the flow RL money-> Ingame money -> RL money.

Did you open 20 boxes before depo and had globals too?
Quite often people do other things or at least spend
more after depo and get better (higher valued) return.
Yes. Always after i do that i get better returns.
Also, try it for yourself, craft some Armatrix Extenders and just watch your loot after that. :) You will be surprised.


Nov 3, 2011
If messi really pulled some good loots he would just be quiet and keep on shooting the mobs.. he just has to protect his investments by claiming this and that... hes not the first big investor whose been saying the same things.. surprisingly many of the others have quietly left the scene..(probly managed to sell most of the stuff with false claims)

Tuner Tune Data

Sep 19, 2019
If you really believe that efficiency and looter prof is why your returns are good then you are very naive..
But I know you are not.. :)

Just in case I'll tell you why: Because you invested ALOT of money in the game.

Now make a test, chip-out your looter skills and use common weapons..
I bet you'll never have 50/60% return that I (and lot of others) have VERY VERY often.

Efficiency ? Let's be serious..
I use 60/75% efficiency guns and you use 90/95% ?
That's a theorical maximum of ~1% in TT return.

Don't even talk about Looter profession please, since nobody knows what it does..

And IMO they introduced it for one single reason: Prevent EU from falling under the scope of anti-gambling laws.
Its efficiency is probably something like 0.00001% per level..
My return was waaay better when I was L15 looter than now I'm at L40.. :rolleyes:

MA like to say "All avatar are equal", but it's politician talk.

Cause indeed they are all equal, but this until one deposit 1000 x more money than another..

MA don't care so much about small/medium depositors, they know some new people always come to try and deposit a bit, some leave, some others comes..

But people who deposit 100K, 200K, or 500K$ ingame are pretty rare, and these ones have special treatment, they have to be pampered.. :rolleyes:

So that's very nice for you and the few that have alot of money to invest, but just Stop letting people believe that it's possible for everyone, cause it's NOT anymore possible, and will be worse and worse mainly cause of the deeds system.

Aruging with a winners like aruging with the poles theres a south and a north clearly, you never aruge with a winner thats going against the grain they never slap the hand that feeds them its pretty obvious yet i still like playing this game just need 2X big hof for a even in credit into the game, love me ma after i finish a ton of quests.
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Captain Jack

Dec 28, 2010
EP4 crafting alone keeps the lights on, the salaries paid, and the hamsters running. Everything else we do in this game is just a bonus.


Mar 31, 2006
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EP4 crafting alone keeps the lights on, the salaries paid, and the hamsters running. Everything else we do in this game is just a bonus.
Buy coins, insert coins, maybe get lucky / Buy cubes, insert cubes, maybe get lucky... noting more to say.