Is there a list of all the freebie holiday gifts since the beginning?

a little redecorating.

Here's a few pics. I'm always redecorating my apartments, so never know what it'll look like on any given day, but here's what it looks like today:

Special thanks to Rocktropia for the imported beverages. ;) :)

I might buy a second bar to extend that one since it's looking a little crowded at the moment. Duchev Logs and weapons might be moved down to one of my other apartments if I start needing to free up item slots.
Your also missing the bunny rabbit(Energetic Bunny)... Looted from 2009...

Just before Easter 2009 the following was announced to colonists:

"Easter Bunny

A container full of stuffed Energetic Bunny toys has fallen off a cargo ship passing Calypso. Its [the container's] orbit has deteriorated and it will hit the atmosphere on April 9th, 2009. The container will probably disintegrate on atmospheric entry, spreading its contents all over Calypso for treasure hunters to find. This is a unique chance to get this rare item, because they're probably gone on April 13th. Batteries are not included."

It turned out that the stuffing used in these toys accidental contained a chemical that acted as a pheromone attractive to mutants on the planet's surface, resulting in them being picked up by the afore-said mutants.

There's a slot for a powercell in its back.

From here Fr
Your also missing the bunny rabbit(Energetic Bunny)... Looted from 2009...

Just before Easter 2009 the following was announced to colonists:
Thanks for the reminder. I put it on the list in Bold because I think there's already one in the apartment even though it may not be visible in the above pic. He's near the front door.

I'm sure there's more I'm missing so if anyone else has more to add to the list, go ahead and throw a reply in here. ;) :)

I'm thinking about buying 1 female manniquen pad every other month or so, but we'll see. That would make me run out of slots in the apartment after a while unless I move the party downstairs to 8H where I have a few more slots open if I move the library up here.

I moved the Duchev logs, Book of the Machine, and a few odds and ends up to the apartment for now as space fillers til more holiday shipments come in in several months. ;)
Your list is missing First Christmas Decoration. :)

Also, Autumn Batik Shirt is not a holiday gift. It was reward for completing a survey after a Miss Calypso contest.
couldnt find the araneatrox dolls?
couldnt find the araneatrox dolls?

adding it to the list. I have one in the apartment and actually have a bid on one in auction too at the moment. ;)

First Christmas Decoration -- that is one I still need to buy or borrow, but definitely won't steal since I don't want my name on anyone's scammer lists. :)
gunzy from BAHQ has the Santa Mask (F). Don't know that he'd ever be willing to part with it, but at least you know who has one ;)

Also, if you are including seasonal hunting loot, you must not forget the hitchhikers towel. Dropped in 2009 on Douglas Adams' birthday.
gunzy from BAHQ has the Santa Mask (F). Don't know that he'd ever be willing to part with it, but at least you know who has one ;)

Also, if you are including seasonal hunting loot, you must not forget the hitchhikers towel. Dropped in 2009 on Douglas Adams' birthday.
Thanks for the tip. I'll be on the look out for a hitchhiker towel. :)

Kinda figured santa mask would be a little hard to find in either f or m.

The bar now holds a Pina Colada Cocktail in addition to the other beverages that were there before tonight. Still missing nirvana cocktail though.

Gratz sinofmen, I just bought your kitchen bar off of the auction to extend my bar a little so it's not so crowded.
within the last hour or so MA or SDS changed the rules of the game so you cannot drop items below one pec inside of apartments. You could do that previously. I have a support ticket in about this. Does not make any sense in estates because estates can only hold max number of items listed on estate terminal... outside of estates, yes, I think the one pec rule is great... but in estates it makes no sense, and in this particular situation, the one pec rule did not exist up until about a half hour ago...

so til that is fixed you won't be seeing MOTORHEAD BEER in my apartment. I have 1 can of the stuff, but am not about to buy a ton of it to get a one pec tt value just to use it as a decoration. THE MARKUP IS 800000% according to auction history and that is the buyout on the one can in auction now. BUYER BEWARE.

response to support ticket says the items below one pec can be put in to estates! I got it to work so the beer is back on the bar for now. It's still a bit buggy though since I think if you 'drop' an item and try to pick it up and drop it again in the estate you might get it not working, but relogging seems to fix that.

quickest response time I've had on a support ticket so far. :)

Do note - this one pec message still is going on for other stuff though, like blazers, etc... so it's a per item thingy... but the way the support response sounded, for most items they want us to be able to put the stuff below one pec in apartments (maybe not shops though?)
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A few more pics of how the place looks for now. It will likely change over time. I think I'm taking up interior decorating as my new profession in game.


Added a couple of stools in front of the bar...

in the end, I may move all of this down to 8h for more item slots, but we'll see.

Back to decorating. Think I might give tell that barkeeper to put some pants on.
Another update on the jolly santa masks...tzepu has one in his shop (m)
Another update on the jolly santa masks...tzepu has one in his shop (m)

Thanks for the tip. Visited Tzepu's last night. I might have to look in to getting that santa facemask, but it might be a while since price is a bit steep at the moment. ;)

Tzepu, nice shop there on first floor at Twin - but since you used to have a shop on a higher level floor, it might not hurt to edit some older threads and stuff in other places that show your address as that old one, lol.

If I do get the santa mask, it'll be for Adam, the barkeeper. I finally told him to put some pants on since he was scaring away some of the bar's regulars.

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Tip for anyone with a First Christmas Decoration and/or some of the other missing items I'm looking for:

It might be a good idea to hit me up with replies to this thread, pms, or by tossing your stuff in your shops that you heavily advertise about here on the forums, or in game auctions after the first of next month, but remember, since most of these gifts were freebies or were cheap to get through hunting loots on holidays, there is usually lots of supply out there somewhere, so please don't overprice too extremely, but do know I don't mind paying a 'fair price'...

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Just acquired a hitch-hiker's towel from the auction.
Quite a few Duchev Logs have been added to the apartment.

I've put a few Duchev Logs up in the apartment 15e for now. If I need more item slots later on as more holiday items are added, the logs will likely be moved down to either apartment 8h or 10a.

Book of the Machine is on the Tron Tower too. Missing Logs 9 and 10 if anyone is selling.
We found poor ol Mr. Huggy wandering around the basement. He must have been dragged in to the building by a tezlapod before the new turrets were built. We've given him home here in the 15th floor. Hopefully he'll stay away from the cocktails, although I would not blame him for taking a sip now and then. He's had a pretty rough life.
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Keg has been put near the bar. ;)
Nirvana Cocktail has finally been added to the bar. :) ;)

There should be at least one of each of the 'cocktail' type enmatter there now, completing the 'set'. Not sure if I'll leave the bar here in the future or move it to one of the other apartments downstairs since I'll need more room for holiday items eventually. I might just leave the bar and move the duchev logs downstairs.

Still looking for logs 9 and 10 if anyone has em.
a new manniquin pad and a pic. ;)

Sjoeblom Winery Chauvignon Crystal


Grand Christmas Fireworks can be found in the hands of the barkeepers. ;)
New pic of the new hires at the bar. Don't forget to tip the waitresses.

some trashy ho came in last night and took up residence on the dance floor, not dancing, but just standing there - stoned... She's still there wandering around in her underwear

(yep, installed another manniquin - that's 5 total so far. Might be time to quit buying them for a while, but probably not, lol)
doing a little redecorating.

doing a little redecorating to make room for the n00b by the window.

Figured Haloween will be here before long so might add room to change things around a bit later this year.










Walls look a bit bare since there's not much on them. These folks burn lots of item slots at 6 each. May have to move them downstairs to where the library is sometime if there's a need since there's a few more item slots down there.
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Moved to 8H

The Party has moved to Omegaton West Habitat, Delta Tower, Apartment 8H. Here's a few pics.

male manniquin pad has moved upstairs to 10A to man the bar. Slowly working on restocking the bar up there...

Library will be in 15E, bar in 10A, and Holiday Party Pad in 8H. The Duchev Logs are up in the Library. The holiday items will be down in 8H. Doing this to make enough room for all of it and a few expansions over time. May buy another apartment within a year or so, but we'll see since main focus for next several months will be on restocking the shop down in Block A with melee items.

Using retail shelves instead of Kitchen shelves for the bar for the moment, but may go back to the other ones since it might look a little better?

Starting to put the Omg back in to Omegaton.
Well, since you completely changed the reason for this thread, out comes the :locked:

(Shame too, since this was a nice thread for info about specific items, namely holiday gifts. But you had to change it into some hidden shop thread for some reason.)