Merry Mayhem Update

Nope, very easy to beat you....270 Peds the first hour :eyecrazy:

and no small gobal within the next 2 hours, even that yulebot (ah got him) only crap!

I know, that MM is very expensive, but never expected this silly kind of "noreturn"

Anyway, it,s my choice to take part or not and I,m not a whiner and I,m sure your post is not a whiner post....only a statement

Probably I,ve to be engaged the whole 30 hour to turn it to 80-90% LOL
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Lol...Kyrismastarsong neg repped me for my report of a bug on page 2 of this thread because she said I got "lots of nice loot" Here is her exact quote: <removed>

So just remember, if a bug interferes with your gameplay, you have no right to talk about it if you got some "nice" loot in the past, even if you paid for those loots 5x over, according to <removed> Kyrisma.

Nah I didn't neg rep you because of the report, I did it because you posted as if MA was out to screw you personally. I'll neg rep anybody who complains like that when they get nice hofs on a regular basis like you do, and the reason I use the rep system is to keep my comments private. Obviously you don't care about that and want it to be public, so fine, I'll call you out on the issue publicly instead.

I experienced a bug with MM too, the Yulebot didn't spawn for me during my first session. Do you see me crying about it, claiming MA is out to get me, and that I got personally f*ck*d over? So, keep crying, I hope it makes you feel better, it doesn't make you look any better. Also, for whatever it's worth, it's only forum rep, worthless for much of anything at all, try not to get so worked up about it. I won't neg rep you for being a whiner again, the point is made, even more so than it needed to be.

P.S. I love when people resort to vulgarity and name calling like you've done with me in in pm and with your retaliatory -rep. It really show's a person's true character when they use the kind of language you do in place of a of a valid, civilized comment, discussion, or criticism.
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Well if you pay attention to the spawn pattern, you would know exactly where to position yourself to ensure you are not mobbed :)

Paying attention has nothing to do with it, as it was the first time I tried. ;) Otherwise, that would've been a good tip. Judging by my very high loss percentage--I can't remember ever having a return rate of barely 34% in hunting, unless you disregard the time I got 16 consecutive no-loots from Atrox or 12 consecutive no-loots from Tantardions--I will just forego MM and return to my usual hunting haunts. I'm already unlucky enough as it is, I'll let *other* players PED-sink for the avatars with statistically impossible luck.
Well ive done 18 runs in S3 so far and I cant complain on loot, did a few bad runs and a few good ones. Nice to see some MU stuff drop as well, I think theyve done a good job. Off course it can be laggy sometimes but it works, one server crash for me so far, off course it was my best run hehe so that wasnt too nice.

But so far it seems that cat 2 has much more HOF's than cat 3, but thats just a feeling.
Let me say somthing new her!

This year is the first year I ever try to hunt in this Event. I did not join to win , just to try.

So well i did 1000PED ammo. cat 2 Solo. With my DOA.
before I was done I did more then 160 000dmg and killed way abow 150+ of them.
I did not use all my time that round. I just ended after 1k ped ammo.

Cost 1000ped ammo and 81ped armor and gun dec.

Loot 651ped with one global.

Round = -430ped.

So well. I don't like to kill easy mobs and loot was bad!

I did make a team to enter team cat2. Just to enter. As soon I was inside. I exit my team and whent Solo
hunt on *team cat2*
only me. I just needed the team to enter. NO one foollowed me inn.

I dident care about the event. Just looking for the loot.

The loot was much better. But did not keep me there to long. =)


But yea. the event is fun, But not so fun when you know some one out there run there with 300k ped weapons.
Event over for me and just wrote my support case.
All in all it was pleasant besides the two days of server lag I had, those were frustrating and if I had more time, I would have waited for a fix. Would rather have the time I could not use and hunt then an estimate of the points I lost.

Most enjoyable was that I did not have to complain one single time about kill stealing or mobs not respawning fast enough :D
I see the Merry Mayhem 2012 Participation Diploma has been discovered- does that mean we can turn the mission in? :scratch2:

EDIT: Not for me will try again later. :)
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In hindsight, I'm glad I only wasted my time & PEDs on one key of MM. "Normal" hunting yielded much better returns (closer to 80 - 90% I'd guess, as opposed to a ludicrously low 34%). I've never had any luck with events such as MM, SGA, and I don't expect anything different with the big TEN, either. I just keep plugging away, hoping to someday loot something I could actually USE. :girl: