My Contributions to the Success and Growth of Entropia Universe


Aug 16, 2005
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Paul Ray Spinn
Hallo Friends :)

Here is the List of my Contributions to Success and Growth of Entropia Universe.

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[1] "A deep collaboration with Amazon"
[In this Thread I presented many proposals, in addition to the main Themes of the Thread : one proposal, among many others, is the possibility to sell 3D-Printed models of Avatars /Mobs /Vehicles /Items to Players. All the proposals have attracted MUCH INTEREST : let's wait and see]

+ + + + + + + + + + LATEST ENTRY + + + + + + + + + +
[2] Economy Boost #1 : "A Major Impulse to Overall Game Economy by DRASTICALLY Reducing the number of Crafting Materials"

MindArk Developers are constantly exploring new changes to boost the Crafting System, and the overall Game Economy : to reach these goals, here I suggest a major reduction in the number of materials required to craft (aka simplification, or "less entropia") :

-->instead of 1000+ crafting materials overall, many of which are illiquid (= an IMMENSE time wasted by the Player just trying to sell them : often even unsuccessfully/with big frustration), only 40-50 crafting materials overall : therefore, each one with a VERY LIQUID market.

(--Note-- "40-50" is an example, and my wish ; obviously the actual number will require a deep study)

This implies a deep redesign of many current Blueprints, by changing some of their required materials ; and a conversion factor , to let the Player convert many current illiquid materials into those final 40-50 liquid materials.
As result, an OUTSTANDING boost to the Game Economy.

This subject requires a deep study by MindArk ("What is the final optimal number for Crafting Materials, to create fully liquid Markets ? 40-50 as wished here ? Some more than 50 ?", "We'll have to redesign many current blueprints by changing some of their required materials. Also we'll have to define conversion factors : to let the Player convert the old illiquid materials into those final liquid materials", "Reasonably, this transition shall be introduced gradually -not all at once- by some intermediate steps" ).

All deserved for its enormous Economic BOOST .

[3] "Improvements in the Map Interface system"
[This has been partially implemented in-game : finally Waypoints can be renamed by the Player, and they can be created and named via chat commands.
Meanwhile, other very interesting proposals are still awaiting inside this Thread]!

[4] "A New Class of Mobs, properly called 'Funny Mobs' (introducing : The Men In Black , the Slapper/aka 'Bud' , 'Bruce'/the Kung Fu[nny] Robot , and many others)"
[The "Fun-factor", and its Importance to produce a truly Successful Game.
In this Thread, some nice Examples about the creation of New, Funny, 'Crazy' Mobs : simply More Entertainment and a Better Mood for the Players]

[5] "a Custom Warning Message set by the Player as reminder to avoid Catastrophic Auction Mispricings"
[A Simple and VERY Effective Solution to a major problem, that would positively impact on the Reputation of Entropia Universe : and therefore on its Success]

[6] "The possibility to add stagists/interns from Universities to MindArk's Graphic/Artistic Team, for low-middle tasks : thus letting some current MindArk's workers focus on more important/demanding tasks"

[7] "A Suggested Experiment for some months : Changes in the Decay system of Shoes and Shades when wearing Armors"
[Here I present the possibility to create a more Colorful and Good Looking Player Community.
No more shoeless, half-naked or "vagabond-looking" Avatars : instead an "I Want to Be a Part of It" Player Community, nicely outfitted and good looking]

[8] Economy Boost #2 : "An Impulse to Enhancer crafting, by Simplifying the related crafting process"

[9] "The PED Center : a Very Effective substitute for both the current Transaction Center, and the PED Flow Center"

[10] "Let's add 1 new action to the Action Library" + "Major Oil Rig reform"
[The 1st proposal has been considered by MindArk : infact the annoying 'unwanted Menu' -mentioned in my Thread- now appears only if the Player presses the right mouse button for quite some time : not instantly anymore. Meanwhile, the Oil Rig reform still remains an open, interesting Theme]

[11] "A 'semi' Auto-Loot, FOR FREE, for Hunters : More Fun, and Faster Action, for an Increased Flow of Money"

+ + + + + IMPORTANT UPDATE in the last message + + + + +
[12] "Adding NON-copyrighted music Tracks to the current Soundtrack"

[13] "New Graphical Design for Teleporters : Let's replace the old "cage-type" Teleporters with flat Teleporters + Cool Light Effects"

[14] "Let's Add a Few, Fascinating New Graphic Effects to the in-game Sky"


If You appreciate what I do for the Success, Growth and Development of Entropia Universe, know that
ANY in-game Donation -to Support me- is VERY appreciated

my Avatar name is --> Paul Ray Spinn

Thank You Friends for any support 🍀

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