New JACKPOT Event on OLA40, Atrox Valley: Akmuul Island TP, north-west (Calypso, 232, 283)

This all seems really complicated. I shot a bunch of trox and had a bunch of globals, including an 88 PED Stalker and at least one other Stalker global. The shed sign says that there is a prize for Stalker globals. How much is it? I hope you are tracking all of this, as I am not. Let me know if you owe me anything.
Hey there again,

Stalkers were paid 25 ped per global, but atm they are not paid, thats why there is no price. Stalkers are still quite common due to birthday event.

I track globals, you have 9 globals, excluding 1x 88 ped global. You need 6 more globals for 125 ped payout.

Well whole event for Mission 1 can be summed up in: 125 ped for 50 globals, you can do it faster if you have an 88 ped global, then you need only 15 globals next to 88 ped.

Mission 2: 5000 ped for 5 tasks. Each task is paid seperately. Tasks are 1x 88 ped, 88 globals, 1888+ ped HoF, 3x 150+ ped / 1day, 10x global / 1day.

Hope that makes it easier to understand.

Good luck out there!