People's Best Loots


Dec 5, 2005
Shadow of the Beast
People's Best Looted Item

I wonder what everyones best looted item so far has been?
Please try and keep to the following format:

______ Item: Fap-28
Time Playing: 4 months
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FreanD Delta Pistol

2 Months
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Nemsis Harness (M)

0.5 Months

Nemesis Harness (M)

1 Months

2.8k peds

7 Months
Powerful heal chip

1 week (0.25 months)
Marber Bravo Anihilator was my favorite :)

Three Months
Fap-50 ... 1 month ago
Playing since oct-2005
my best item was in my best hof. vigi shins in my noob 500ped combibo when i started playing.

havent had any item or pedvalue higher since. and ive been playing since 5.6 (one vu before they introduced mentoring)

in a teamhunt, our best item was a bear harness (m) but it had to be sold on auc to pay the teammembers. :)
Vigi Helmet M & Vat-100 2 years ago

Nem gloves m 3 months ago
most useful item so far, a FAP-18, at low condition, TT about 4 peds.

Most valuable item, an Armax Skull, compleate, in a 1k hoff.
Jester d1 yesterday ^^

nah 1.1k Abmu about 2 months ago
589 team hof

3 weeks

Vigi Harness

5 weeks

Marber Bravo

About 2 weeks ago

Total time playing about 3 months.
best item___Vigi Harness M ~1.3yrs (got vigi helm ~6mos.)
most valuable item___Matter Finder 210 bp. ~1.5yrs
highest ped loot___4k drill tower ~1.8yrs
phoeh makes me think..
I guess that's a....
loot: 20 ped solo :rolleyes: 78 team
item: damn fap 18 or so?
playing since.. don't get me started :confused: :eek: :p
Jag Shin and NEm Glove , same day , but not same mob ;)
Nemesis tights (sold for TT+2-300 dunno if M or F but looted neme tights twice)
Been playing allmost 2 years.
Camo Arms Jungle Stalker - 2 Months
1260 PED (team) - 2 Months
1991 PED Solo - 7 Months

Between: Vigi shins, GSIs, Fap 50, Shogun shins, Shogun Harnes, m2870,....

playing 3 years
Justifier Mk2
4 months
powerful heal chip
fap 50
playing 3 years
Item: Angel Armguards (M)
Time Playing: 2.5 months
Jaguar Helmet (F)
around 4 months at the time
4.3k warrior 05 no items
Essi Evening Gown
2 months? dno anymore
Fap 110 & Ep-50 8-9 months ingame
Jaguar Helmet 14 months ingame
i play 3-4 month and i never looted something special
ummmmm well im full of luck. but its all bad!

my best loot is gremlin arms(M) 4 months or so ago in a team of 3 and gremlin shins(F) in a team of 2 yesterday...

been playing 11 months now..

i think its time for me to get somethine a lil bit better dont ya all agree? :p
and btw no hof for me :( highest global was 90 ped hunting solo and no hof in mining either, only 122 ped lyst global.
Shogun Gloves, about a month ago.

Trying to get a full set now. I have Harness and Mask that I bought from Auction. I want to get the rest via mobs.
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