Some parts of EU website down


May 20, 2007
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George Ace Skywalker
The main EU website loads i.e. this one:

However, when I try to go to some sections it fails to load. For example if I click on "My Items" I get this message:

This page isn’t working​

If the problem continues, contact the site owner.


If you're unable to log in due to IP problems (425 error), please contact livesupport via the chat on or about it, and provide them with your IP address.

I'll also poke support and tell them some people are having problems with this again.
Ya, good joke. Live support will tell him to not try to log for next 24h and thats all ( I was been told exactly like that). Yours support is uselles. If you have dynamic IP try to restart yours router and that should help. If not the it will pass in few days ;)
Sequence of events for me:

- Yesterday I log into EU website successfully on first attempt and had no issues. This was on my desktop PC.
- This morning I try to log into EU website again and on the first attempt I get 425 error and also on subsequent attempts. This was on my laptop.
- I contact live support who seem to have fixed it as I got the prompt to log in. They did not answer the question why I got 425 error on my first attempt. This was on my laptop. I got distracted in real life and had to attend to a few things and left the laptop on the log in screen for EU website.
- One or two hours later I try to log in to EU website on my desktop PC and I get 425 error
- I'll try and contact live support now and try to log in again.

@Ludvig|MindArk why do I get 425 error on first attempt? Is it something to do with using different pcs? laptop/desktop? I do like the system as it's an extra security measure to protect us. However, I'm wondering if its working as intended or not.
It can be caused by having attempted too many login attempts in a short while (that's why it happened to multiple people back in December, after there had been some server issues), but it can also be caused by things like requesting/reloading the 'My Items' page too often.
Can I just say it's pretty amazing to actually see not just one, but 3 MA posts in this small thread. A completely unprecedented outcome for any thread on this forum that I wish was something more common.
It can be caused by having attempted too many login attempts in a short while (that's why it happened to multiple people back in December, after there had been some server issues), but it can also be caused by things like requesting/reloading the 'My Items' page too often.
That's the thing why I get that on my very first attempt. Anyway Live support have sorted it out and helped to file a technical report on why I get this when I don't do too many attempts. There must obviously be another reason for it. Hopefully, the tech report I helped fill in will be useful to the tech team to diagnose and fix this for the better.
I was having the exact same issue myself last week.. I noticed that when I leave the "My Items" page, if you remember to "log out" instead of just closing the page... the 425 error goes away.

I could be wrong, but making sure I "log out", is working for me.
All night, I was trying to play. No matter what I did, chat server failed to start. I did everything I could to fix it, but nothing worked. Eventually I uninstalled it and went to the website to redownload. The installer page refused to come up. Tried it repeatedly.

I’ll try it again in the morning.
We can recommend to set the "Connection" to 56kbit from TOOLS in the client loader. If that fix the missing ingame chat, you can increase it step by step.
Do not want to go off-topic but struggling for help on a topic.

Any ideas for this issue I have that Entropia is the only software/game etc that is actually able to entirely freeze my entire system, thus requiring power boot.

I have done a great deal of troubleshooting and got nowhere fast. Support recommended reinstall Entropia, I did it as requested. No joy.

Any help would be apreciated.
By dropping the speed, I got the chat server back and the connection seems stable, but-

When I downloaded the installer, no matter which web browser I use, it absolutely will not load the page.
For some reason, the installer downloaded anyway. That’s a little disconcerting.

I am still having the revive problem where the character dies, gets stuck, doesn’t revive and can’t do anything without relogging. After twenty years, one would think that you would have resolved this. Any thoughts?
Historically the in game support avatars (as in this year) have been able to fix the website for me when I had issues there and then
This page doesn't for me (FR) for several weeks, and TBH, it becomes boring :

Impossible to get to my account, I have error 425, and no, I'm not an attacking bot, just a normal humann being.
MA, the problem is on your side !

Cette page ne fonctionne pas​

Si le problème persiste, contactez le propriétaire du site.


When you get this 425 error it's caused by either of these:
- Too many login attempts
- Refreshing the page
- Not logging out when you last logged in

I don't think it's going to go away by itself no matter how many weeks you wait. To fix you need to contact live support and they should be able to fix it for you. For me it was caused by not logging out. I would just leave the page logged in and shutdown the browser and pc. This can cause this 425 error, so now I always log out and haven't got it since.