Selling: Tezlapod pet lvl 1 & free taming

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Oct 7, 2006
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Eve Everglades

Selling a level 1 tezla.

Main buffs are
Electrotherapy - Healing you receive is increased by 50% but 20% of maximum health is lost every 10 seconds (level req 26).
Increased Critical Damage - 5% at level 12 , 10% at level 50, 13% at level 80.

- Tezlapod pet lvl 1 - cheap.
- taming service - FREE!
(service not available during migration & mayhem events)

All buffs available, other details and a video can be seen in EU's pet whisperer' thread here


I did some small calculations to see the impact of Electrotherapy to healing tools.

The buff comes with a 20% of max HP damage taken every 10 seconds which means the effect can be countered with a restoration 5 (L).
Electrotherapy turns a t0 mod hedoc into a t5 perfected hedoc.
Healing you receive also includes heals from healers. Decay is not changed, making faps much better and more eco and will get you a much bigger bang for the buck in the case of resto chips.


Note: small error int he table above, perf hedoc max heal is 200, not 250. that will make it to 300 when Electrotherapy buff is enabled.
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[Omegaton Laser Sight Mk. 1] (10% increased crit damage) is around 15k nowadays probably. Pet at level 80 easts 16pec / hr tt of nutrio with 13% crit damage buff
People are concerned that the Elecrotheapy buff can kill them if they go AFK. Well, yes, but the pet can be despawned, buff deactivated or replaced until it's needed. Isn't it cool to turn your imp hedoc into an augmented one when you need it? #godmodeon
Once you get a Lock capacitor you need to do just one C1, to access the door to the room where the tamable Tezlapod is.
For a C1 you need a team of 4-5 strong players with 2 sets of armors, repair tools RK-25 (at least 2 should be able to repair), team coordination, high DPS, good healing and HP plus one C1 Key and about 45minutes to an hour, especially if you fail one of the rooms, which may happen from time to time.

You get the C1 key from a B1 instance. In order to do a B1 you need 3-4 strong people with high DPS, 3 sets of armors, good HP, good healing and around 30-40 minutes. The C1 key you get from the safe in the back which you can open if one of the bosses drops you a B1 Safe Key. If you're unlucky and there are mobs not bosses on all 3 waves, you need to do it all over again. You can be unlucky 3 times in a row even and not get any boss for hours. You also need for each B1 a B1 entry key, for each member.

You get a B1 key by opening a safe key in A1. In order to do an A1 RDI, you need a team of minimum 2 players, with high DPS, 3 sets of armor, decent HP and healing and 25-35 minutes. Again you can be lucky or unlucky with theA1 Safe key and may have to redo the run and you would need again the A1 entry keys.

You get an A1 entry key by hunting around 30 minutes to fill a blank chip. Depending on how many unlucky runs you get in A1 and B1, you may have to hunt for a while to make a few A1 entry keys....
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Few options available.
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Boost your critical damage or healing in mayhem evets with this little guy 🌪️
I found electrotherapy to be more useful to me than the crit damage buff in cat 10. I use it more often on higher level mobs too.
Great counter for Deblitated debuff which it looks like we will see more often in the coming events and content. Get your pet today and level it before Merry Mayhem!
Currently in stock:

- Tezlapod pet Lvl 1 - 15k PED.
- taming service - FREE!
(for as long as I have a L1 pet for sale - I'll trade you for free my pet for your lock capacitor)
Fresh pet, looking for a new owner. Just in time to get your buffs before Easter Mayhem!
Offers by PM.
get your pet today and level it up before Easter Mayhem
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