Selling: Tezlapod pet lvl 1 & free taming

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Get this little devil to keep you company in Mayhem instances and by the end of the Mayhem you can unlock Electrotherapy to push those survival waves much further!
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Negate debilitated debuff from Survival Zombie with Electrotherapy.
Cheap tool for mid and end game hunting!
About 2 weeks to unlock Electrotherapy, should you want a boost in FFA ;)
Best endgame option for its slot!
Boost your heals with electrotherapy, 2 weeks of leveling and become super strong:lift:
Game changer upgrade, best item on the slot!
Must have for any hunter, it greatly contributes to hunter's strength, be it 13% crit damage or electrotherapy!
Daddy of all pets in EU ;)
It takes 2 months and a half fort an active player to level it to epicness and about a month and a half for level 50, where you unlock 10% crit dmg. A 10% crit dmg sight is approx 25k PED. Great time to start your journey today with best companion in game!
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