Selling: Tezlapod pet lvl 1 & free taming

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I did some small calculations to see the impact of Electrotherapy to healing tools.

The buff comes with a 20% of max HP damage taken every 10 seconds which means the effect can be countered with a restoration 5 (L).
Electrotherapy turns a t0 mod hedoc into a t5 perfected hedoc.
Healing you receive also includes heals from healers. Decay is not changed, making faps much better and more eco and will get you a much bigger bang for the buck in the case of resto chips.
Note: small error int he table above, perf hedoc max heal is 200, not 250. that will make it to 300 when Electrotherapy buff is enabled.
Supercharge your hunting with a tezlapet :vampire:
Less than 12 days until migration. Upgrade all your heals with 50% for Eomons and Longtooths.
Master your hunting game with the ultimate pet!
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Enough time to get one and level it so you can have 10% crit dmg, or even 13% crit damage for upcoming Haloween Merry Mayhem!
There's still time to get Electrotherapy before Halloween Mayhem. Last year in Halloween Survival the buff did wonders ;)
Very cheap 13% critical damage buff, once unlocked. The buff itself costs 1 nutrio bar per hour (+15 nutrio/hr pet's basic metabolic rate).
Five new stages have been added to Halloween Mayhem Survival.

Get your tezlapet and level it to get electrotherapy today, and have a better chance at Mayhem Survival!
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