TWEN ITEMS Pictures and stats


[DOA Strikehammer, Improved, TWEN Edition]

Looted by Evey from Harvester Gen 3
awesome looking gun, kinda low eff for a newly twen item
Very interesting fact is that twen weapons can reach high dps at low lvl requirements. Thats a huge game changer
I'd be happy to test that if they put one in my loot. :wtg:
Updated the table.
Another Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V1, Adjusted, TWEN Edition from Marcimex Chaser what it looks like. Gz Julius GoodMan Baltrusaitis
I didn't add correcting factors for crits, misses and whatever, there are different views on it anyway. The ceiling as officially given cannot be reached. Just meant that all you need to derive the numbers you want are there, y'all know the formulas.

Gratz to all the lucky ones ;)

Edit: Added it to the Wiki.
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Will be hilarious to see this list in the end of the year, with the same names who looted different stuff 6 times, like it happened to FEN.