"VTOL-hunting" IS an exploit, now confirmed by support!


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Oct 17, 2008
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Martin Martin Petersen
Using exploits to obtain economic advantages is a behaviour which is certainly in violation of the EULA and all participants are obliged to report bugs and exploits when found. If you do not report such exploits or bugs and if you or any other participant is found taken advantage of this situations, you run the risk of getting your account locked.



Nov 22, 2005
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I have like a lot of others asked support.

And yes it is still unofficial (MA dont care to make an official statement) an exploit to hunt mobs using not only a VTOL but to use any VEHICLE. So you are not allowed to use a car to drive out of range and continue shooting.

So now we are at the state that if you have a spawned vehicle next to you while hunting some might take you as potential will use the vehicle to escape the mob......

So next will prolly be an exploit to use ping pong (there is no difference in ping pong hunting and use a vehicle to drive out of range) to hunt mob - i better ask support if it will be ok to do


Just goes to show how clueless support really is.

I call bullshit on support on this whole VTOL hunting being an exploit thing. It was inherent that people would do hit-&-run as soon as vehicles were introduced, labelling it as an exploit now is completely absurd and if MA didn't foresee that, they are a bunch of incompetent idiots (big news, there).

For one, you can hit & run some mobs on foot (small variety on those nowadays, but used to be a lot more when avatars ran faster and mobs were slower). Also, you can run away and shoot the ground with grenade launchers when the mob is aggroed on you, this one allowing you to hunt several big slow mobs naked as well, without incurring the oil expenses you would with a VTOL and allows for hunting some not-so-slow mobs too, since they'll most likely die before ever reaching you, anyway - also has never been considered an exploit, btw, and has been around ever since grenade launchers were first introduced.

And if mobs didn't lose aggro on VTOLs upon entering them, all you'd have to do was fly a little further away before exiting it and shooting the mob again: it would not prevent VTOL hunting at all. Not to mention you can do this with any vehicle, btw (VTOLs would just make navigating obstacles a lot easier).

To me all this whining about some people hunting like this is all just a bunch of sour grapes. So you have invested in expensive gear and huge skills to hunt big mobs, now ask yourself: do you really feel like those players who aren't skilled/equipped enough using VTOL hunting can sustain their hunts on those big mobs for too long? Sure they also get a (tiny) shot at the big jackpot, but so what? Do you really think they're all profiting rather than just filling the loot pool further (which is a lot more likely since big mobs are very "high stakes gambling" and thus mean a lot wilder returns), mr big-mob-camper? And if you don't believe in loot pool filling (and believe in loot being based on each one's avatar), why the hell are you even bothered with them hunting those big mobs then? Shouldn't change a single thing for you.

Mobs losing aggro on VTOL was done on purpose (since it was even mentioned on release notes as a feature), there is absolutely no glitch or bug involved in VTOL hunting, I don't see how it can be labelled as exploiting when everything is working as intended.

The only reasons I can think why support said they consider it an exploit would be that either it's because

  • MA is dissatisfied that it may potentially give them less PED income in theory (while in practice it has the opposite effect, from what I've seen, since people then spend more PEDs actually buying the overpriced VTOLs and cycle more PEDs hunting big mobs and paing markup for the equipment to do so), although it is smart usage of in-game resources as they were designed to function (meaning no bugs or glitches involved, everything is working as it was programmed to work);
  • or support is simply being clueless as they have been with numerous things before (seriously, you can't expect them to know every single little aspect of the game, and when in doubt it is safer to tell players not to do whatever action they don't quite know how to interpret or classify).

Just felt like writing what I wrote on MJ's thread here, since it belongs more in this topic.

P.S.: No I never owned a VTOL.
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Jan 6, 2008
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If this is the case then a mob that is from a named LA should still give the name in global chat even thou its killed outside its mother LA?

Yeah they do, I was always wondering about it so I once checked this by continuously dragging proterons from a LA on its border until I globalled for the first time. They still show their origin LA name on the global and I presume the tax still counts as well.

So the LA owners can feel safe.