Question: What drives you to go on with EU ?


May 23, 2007
France (near Paris)
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Marco Magnifico Schiffano
We had "what was the meaning of your name ?"
We had "what were you thinking you would do when you joined EU ?"
We had... many other questions ^_^

But now that time has passed... What's your motivation to continue to log on every day ?
  1. Just for chatting around the sweat circle ? you find that relaxing ! :grouphug:
  2. Chase the global ? (I will get that damn ATH, i will !!!) :cdevil:
  3. Grind and Destruction ! I love the sound of Gun, Monster dying at my hand, Looting corpse :sniper:
  4. Fell in love with Monopoly, i just spend my day Buying and Selling Stuff :deal:
  5. Because i am a Gambling Addict, and i lose less in EU than at the Casino :ahh:
  6. Because EU is my fuck... day to day job ! Need to fill the fridge man ! :smoke:
  7. Trying to beat the machine ? (actually you did... and it's not tomorrow that you'll share your findings :lolup:)
  8. Create statistics every weeks ? admit it... you love Maths ! :wise:
  9. You invested so much in EU, there is only one option to your eyes... Keep playing ! :computer:
  10. You're a UBER, you love to see your name displayed 30 times a day (on bad days) in the Global Pop-up ^_^ :pimp:
  11. Actually you're just roaming the forum... laughing when another guy get caught in the EU Trap :vampire:
  12. What a strange question ?!? You're part of the EU Matrix ! There is no such thing as Real Life !! :offtopic:

This list is not exhaustive, it was made to give examples :whistle:
I try to say goodbye and I choke
I try to walk away and I stumble :(
I can check out anytime,. but I can never leave :(
To waste some time til another game comes out that will captivate and capture our minds and wallets. Mir 4 is coming close but it's another grindfest.... It also would not hurt to sell a few things for some profit eventually.... Done it a few times but need to do it several more to free up some ped and storage space
Others sucsess if they can do it. I can aswell!!!
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I am too old for clubs
I have kids that have grown up
I am no longer married
I can play EU in my camper van
I have a great group of friends in game
I love trying to become self sufficient in game
login with a smile with the hope to hit the big one.....and logging off in frustration.
Even if i am new, i have read most of your hunting log, it was very informative :tiphat:
(it also helped me to understand that i had to lower my expectations towards EU :silly2:)

*Humor On*

As for frustration, i imagine you don't have time to play to something else than EU... But if one day you're in need of "more frustration", try the mobile game called "Clash Royale", you'll get your share of frustration and even more than asked :king: It's also very good to help you make the decision to buy a new phone ^_^ (many have thrown their phones against the wall after a match of CR)

*Humor Off*

Question: What drives you to go on with EU​

To spend my deed income on something useless.
If deeds hadnt been introduced I would have probably have left years ago.
No way will I pay for this lousy excuse of a game.
prior to the 2.0 crap it was getting profits, making sheets, seeing globals/hofs, chatting/hunting with friends...
currently, the hope MA fixes the issues is what currently makes me play a few hours every couple months...
It has taught me things about umanz I would have paid more to learn elsewhere. And it continues to do so.
I never remember the correct wrong spelling (by the boorums, I think [edit: or more likely oratan] ) of umanz, just that we are stoopid or so :). Would you have actively paid more to learn what you have, or would it have cost you more (and you might not have wanted to find out ;) )?

I ask because I do indeed view EU as a learning environment and opportunity. Over a decade ago I was hoping that people could make global connections using a shared environment to discuss and learn all sorts of things, but MA hasn't expanded that path, despite blurb about conferencing etc.

I know of at least one chat channel that sometimes has great engagement and sharing of wit/humour. Fun learning, but rather random!
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