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figured out how to log into PCF after MANY years, so HI!
realized the other day that I've played for 15 years
that's like a whole-ass lifetime in a virtual world. o_O
meanwhile, we've raised 2 kids - now 18 & 25
I take months & years off at a time, so I'm still noob'ish 🤷‍♀️
see ya in-game ~ either in rookie chat or smashing spiders. :geek:
here's a shot from a hike last week. love where I live 💕


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Can offer for gun 9 CLD´s
If interested, pm in-game : Frik Morconso PT
I dont deal in cld, but someone in my doc does, ill chat with him to see What the price is and come back to you
Check price....around 3k peds / each.
Hey, I would like to meet your buyout for the halloween outfit. Let me know here or ingame when and where :)
All i can say is i am having a lot of fun with EU !

Coming back 11 years after i started in 2007-2010 was a good idea !

Actually... Was it really a good idea ?!? Because now i am fucking addicted :ROFLMAO:

I am unemployed at the moment and it explains why i had so much time to play (70 hours of gameplay in 7 days !)
But this come back might only be temporary !
Averaging at least one global a week...I would be thrilled, but there is no ascertainable way to show gaming skill from things that are completely random.
Hey, deal can be done if you want.
As i said to you, he checked with his mates now.
Just want you to know that as the first
Hi mate,
I had an account a long time ago, would like to reactivate. Donation made via PayPal 10 min ago :)
hi are u intress to buy that omegaton tire rate is 132/200 and ready for tire 3

may i ask if u could tell me who bought the Slug?

Or contact the buyer of the slug, and ask if he could contact me in case he wants to sell the gun again ?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards
Hello there, you can contact Queen Kerrigan of Blades. Best wishes
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Helloooo Svarog.....

Only wanted to say hello and if all is ok sofar....didnt see you ingame for longer time ........i also have quite some peds for ya....would be nice ..if you have a few minutes i can meet and give them to you...

Wish you a nice weekend/week ,