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My old friend, I am once again going down the rabbit hole that is the nostalgia trip of Project Entropia and I find myself here. I hope life is treating you well, you were always someone I enjoyed hanging out with back in those days. Take care, my friend.
If you accept €uros, then i can offer you a bank transfer for the armor.
The exchange rate is currently extremely in your favor for this *sigh*.
Victoria Vaak
Hey Orion,
I'd rather comply with EULA.
Thanks though!
Hey, have you thought about posting a link on the Ark forum as well? I know it's kind of dead lately, but there's some die-hards on there and I figured it can't hurt :) Cheers, Ost
Hey Eor, please pm me ingame: Stella Bella Mella with you offer for Cryogenic 8 unl chip, Thanks
HI. I have a Panelon armor Female ful set for sale. It can also include the old recipe requirements for the upgrade to imperium Spec. Important that u read again this the upgrade items was for the OLD upgrade recipe.
After a little dispute on my first withdrawal, technical support told me that it was Satisfactory.

Now i am waiting for the money to be transferred on my Bank account :sneaky: (never jump of joy too fast...)

Edit : On the 21th of March 2022 i received 79€ (1000 peds) on my French Bank account.
Hi there,

I would really appreciate if you would give me all the good info from the chat we have in here so I cant forget it.

Please and thank you.
Vixen rocktropia, toulan enmatter al-nahir snow mountain area north east, monria engineering daily, 1000% banana zombie and mission for em on zomhattan(not sure bout this) toulan pvp khaffash mobs drops t3 comps and zohoor (not sure if you can make any with this.
can try it later on) When you have f105 you can do calypso rig, east argus pvp mining for pyrite if MU is up. RK-0 , 4b/p amps, maybe component widgets are good crafts to start.
This is awesome, Thank you very much
A good thing when you're new on a forum, is to build your own reputation before questioning those whose reputation is intact.

I have seen quite a few Hatchlings trying to reinvent the wheel.

Better get acquainted with the "search" feature on the forum than trying to be "smarter" than the rest.

All you'll win by doing this is to land on the "ignore" list of people, both in the forum and in the game.

If you still have the slugstorm and evil I will give you TT + 36K PEDs as soon as we can meet in game

Add me ingame and i come look for you soon :)
I just posted all of it , didn't see anything that would expose me , also put my PC specs up for you :)
Been playing since 2008 October 22, Meet many wonderful people in Entropia, Many of whom I did visit in summer of 2011. My Husband (Percy Percy Merewether) whom I meet in Game in 2009 and we became friends, in Which I did visit him the summer of 2013. He asked me to marry him around Christmas time. We married in 2014 and still are together.
If you need a Mentor, i am ready to coach you ^_^

You might find this guide interesting : Entropia Universe Beginner's Guide by a Rookie

If i never answer to you on the Forum or in game, you might be on my ignore list.

Trash talking in the rookie chat, being an arrogant bast... things like that will get you on my ignore list forever.
figured out how to log into PCF after MANY years, so HI!
realized the other day that I've played for 15 years
that's like a whole-ass lifetime in a virtual world. o_O
meanwhile, we've raised 2 kids - now 18 & 25
I take months & years off at a time, so I'm still noob'ish 🤷‍♀️
see ya in-game ~ either in rookie chat or smashing spiders. :geek:
here's a shot from a hike last week. love where I live 💕


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Can offer for gun 9 CLD´s
If interested, pm in-game : Frik Morconso PT
I dont deal in cld, but someone in my doc does, ill chat with him to see What the price is and come back to you
Check price....around 3k peds / each.
Hey, I would like to meet your buyout for the halloween outfit. Let me know here or ingame when and where :)