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  • Holy Moly it has been a while since i have logged on here. Hey Fifi how is it goin?
    HELLLLPPP. This weekend USA is going up again Italy. Because of them forcing us to pick a horrible time slot (1600 MA Time). We will be short on support players. Please if you can be online and at Wolverine TP at 1530 MA Time. (That is EST 11:30 AM EST, CST 10:30 AM CST, MST 9:30 AM MST, PST 8:30 AM PST, AKST 7:30 AM AKST, HST 6:30 AM HST.) Last time we had enough people to finish hunting in a hour, and most people used 50-100 peds for there hunting. If you think you can join us on Support hunting PLEASE DO. USA needs your help!! PM me for any more details.
    nice calm profile u got going on here, just popping in to announce that and hi aswell! :)
    Thx for the comment :) being colorful can be fun at times lol

    Very nice profile picture you have there yourself!
    I was on Vacation (in Michigan where I grew up) for the past week. Got to do a lot of nothing, including EU and related stuff. Oh, it's *so* good to be back, lol. I can't play much right now but I logged in just to hear the familiar music play for a bit!
    we are in two Social groups... now im noticing there is a Texan one as well... so maybe 3 :D
    Hey, got any good plans for the weekend? I'm going to a movie, a "real blast", eh? :) I told all my friends at work that all my plans are virtual -- some of them even made the connection, lol.
    I think that's great -- I had a roommate that needed this kind of help recently, I don't know if she ever managed to get it though. She was here studying to be a doctor and because she had been a practicing physician in Brazil she had some "semi-legitimate" perscription that yielded charges and visa issues. She got most of it straightened out but I havent heard from her in months. There is no better work than that of helping others in need -- it's a shame it rarely pays decently (can't say the same for what I do, they pay me too much at times, not that I'm complaining).
    Hi, I see in your profile you are a non-profit manager, anything you can elaborate on? I do some things with Junior Achievement (through my Job), beyond that I'm just a boring geek (I design multidimensional business intelligence databases like forecasting, profit analysis, budgeting, etc...).
    Hi Ariia, definetely long time no type =)... I like your EF Profile nice colours and I didnt know you could add pictures =) will have to start loading up... Yea its unfortunate we keep missing each other... I enjoy our chats =) I should be online tomorrow Wednesday around 7pm australian time not sure what time that worksout to be in Texas (Thats were you live right?) anyways hope to catch up with you soon =)

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