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  • To me it is very hard not to react when people state that a $13.000 bid on a virtual gun is to low and that it's price is much much higher. Definitely when they even dare to call the poster being stupid for offering this ridiculously low amount.

    And absolutley definitely when they, in the same post tell the bidder that he actually shouldn't have even made the post in order to keep the thread clean and only full of "serious" bids.

    At least that is how I read MrHummels post and there for I could not resist reacting.

    Thanks for the -rep
    How's the new VU? Haven't played so far.. Hope you + family are enjoying it! Go loot those SGA items Tami! :D
    Ok you right, Im sorry that was unnecesary. I always wondered what people sending me -rep and recieving +rep from me thought. Now you showed me. Peace
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