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  • Thanks... I often find myself falling asleep during hunts nowdays.. so I guess we will see how much longer my "attention span" lasts :/

    If youre going to toss out snarky neg reps trying to correct people you should probably learn to spell the words in your critique correctly. It helps your argument to have a litte weight, even if it is still wrong.
    Seems I can't neg rep ya I just say it suck horses ball and occassionally you suck the fart out of a french frogs ass aswell and you know it...faggot! :))
    So because you feel I have some sort of inexperience with getting globals you think that gives you the right to say to me what you did? That is not right, even if I'll admitt that your right about the lack of globals in my career, globals are not a clear indication of anything. Infact when I got the 10 globals from October to November I was profiting not losing my ass off. So I must know something or be doing something right, no? Why am I positive? Because its better than being miserable. Because I believe anything in this game is still possible, just like the medusa sale ;). So I'll stop here & let you think about what I said, before you result to using the rep system again.
    Thanks for stopping by. I didn't claim to know anything just saying that Stormer has a gun not many ppl own.
    Thanks for the many don't understand that it isnt living in the past, it is sadness for the death of loved things. But like i said...cross fingers and hope :)
    I like how you tell it how it is.
    Dont hold back the puches.
    Great reading your posts.
    I hope the PE grows for us in time and they fix the bugs.
    I would like to think its all mistakes but half of me think MA is a crooked.
    Keep posting its just as much fun for me to read as hunting.
    And why is your 13K$ a valid measure to decide this is a lot or not ?

    Someone else might find it stupid to pay more than 100$ for a virtual weapon, others would pay 20-50K$ for a piece of land ... who is right, who isn't ? It all depends on your personal budget and view on virtual life. And ofc what you want out of it.

    Hell, I want an imp or mod fap and I think those things are WAY to expensive ... because it is out of my league (budgetwise). But are they ? Should I post in every sales thread of imp & mod that I think they are not worth it, with others saying the opposite.

    Sorry for the -rep, but it is sooo tiring to see people interfering with peoples sales thread and not even remotely interested in bidding or buying. That goes for both to cheap or to high discussions.

    Thanks for the Rep:) Still unable to use that ignore button I see.

    For 200,000 dollars you would think she would know better. I think this might have more to do with her backers and where she got her money... and outside connections... than any in game problem... but that's just pure gut level specualtion... I also gut think they are going to give her compensation if the charges are false... If the charges are not false... I gut think they need the information to give her if not all but part of her investment back and be rid of her...
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