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  • g'day looks like a fun group " the entropia motorsports " what should one do to join ;P

    <Danish mad driver here xD
    Woo! Thank you for the birthday wishes :D
    It's been an exhausting couple of days already! and there's still another party to get through tonight :eek:
    Fingers crossed I'll still be standing at the end of it.. or not :silly2:
    Have fun out there ;)
    Hey hon, Blu has just rejoined, and signed up for WoF - can you check for WoF forum app and approve pls ?
    Hey jod, I'd like to join the WoF for Australia please. I did enjoy it last year. My avatar is Fonzie.
    Hi Jod Hope ur Xmas was a good one & ur 2010 is even better c u in game soon.
    Cheers, Kane

    Merry Christmas!
    Hope you have a great chrissy!
    (Without tooooo much harassment ;) )
    you're doing great job gatherin those questions and answers about that new item upgrade thing so i thought you earned those reps i thought that i maybe give you EFD's but i don't know what they are for so i didn't :D

    can you tell me what is those efd's and where i can use them ?
    Hey no problem, I like the idea of this tiers thing, I'm actually excited for it.
    Aw thank you and gratz on the Senior Membership ;)
    Should I fetch your cane for you? :silly2:
    Good luck ;)
    LOL how did I manage to do that? And your complaining about extra efd's? :) btw why you have a smurf on your friends list? They are evil evil creatures!! LOL
    lol yeah he is a noob still working it all out but im trying to help as much as i can over MSN lol umm yeah my page its hard to find the right color to see im working on it...
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