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  • Thx for the rep. My enhancers test will still take some while, thought I make around 10K ammo fires, have done just about a quarter of that and only lost 15 enhancers. Will put it online in...erh...2 months :D
    AVERY !
    I DEMAND that you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season !
    IT's AN ORDER !
    Happy HOlidays ! :hug:
    really fucked up attitude, im not gonna minus rep you, im not sinking to your level
    Stop hogging all the sunshine damn it! I demand you send me some now! :) (oh check your pms too)
    How cool is this...both 2006 & 2007 MMOWC Champions are virgos...I rest my case...Virgos do rock! :thumbup:

    Invitation sent!


    Doh, dummy me sees Aug birthdays and thinks Leo :laugh: Virgo, now that is a whole different kettle of fish (or rather biltong) ;)
    I'm actually a Virgo ;) Made it into Virgo by 16 hours!

    ... I might get round to an avatar at some stage, but I'd prefer to spend the time hunting :p
    Hadn't looked before, but see you are a Leo too, shoulda known lol. (where is your forum avi by the way, did it run away from home?) Take care and keep having fun :)
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