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  • Politics? I haven't used any example, just the base mechanics of a liberal kapitalist goverment, there are no parties nor countries mentioned.
    So asuming that you asumed someting is rather a pity.
    Our soc LA is very diffract. It had no unique mobs. We won the LA in one event and bought the DNA. So no we didnt get a "unique" spawn, we created it in an area that didnt have chompers before. CP has always been tax free with unique mobs, so its BS they sell it now after 5 years. If MA where to release aurli/kreltin DNA it would be equally stupid.
    Im not agains ubermobs on private landareas, im against MA selling Crystal Palace
    thanks for the Rep:) You should file a support case simply to establish a pattern for a particular player which MA might take seriously if repeated offenses are reported by different individuals...
    thanks for the +rep this info has to be told its not right for this to happen to anyone even if it was a mistake
    "Douche.." eh?, well, since hostility is your style - seriously now, go fuck yourself, anal-pump.
    :/ I wasn't upset - at all, in any way shape or form.
    Promise !
    You said "Not gonna neg rep for the comment ..." and I was letting you know if you had, it wouldn't have been the first time. I speak my mind at all times and almost expect -reps. :laugh:
    Not upset - still find you funny - I think you just misconstrued the tone of my message.
    It was probably the rolly eyed dude. :duh:
    Have a good Saturday, dude :)
    uhh .. ok. :rolleyes:
    I know him, as well and know he didn't mean any harm.
    -rep all you want .. doesn't bother me to get a neg rep for speaking my mind.
    It's been done multiple times, even by you a few times, iirc.
    I shrug them off :)
    have a fab day :wave:
    i quit because of losses, no gameplay, no improvements in years, and my trigger finger hurts.
    Thought of it, its getting very aggro in that thread, tbh I cant just see why it cant be a friendly discussion, people are chewing O.P's head off, for what? Asking advice? Hell.. we all opened that thread to read idea's on making ped also, no? :rofl: Anyway, if a certain mouthy git keeps posting in the manner he is doing, I may waste 3 minutes of my life responding also :vampire:
    LOL, yea, it did cover a lot :). Well, basically, the bit explaining why the guy was banned for using a hunting bot. That had kind of been my question, before I was led into a meaningless discussion with Kerham....
    hehe ty! i kinda changed my avatar ingame but dont really wanna change the pic since it came out so nice :p
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