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  • But I do
    Thanks for the rep
    Don't like it
    hit the ignore button
    some have
    and their lives
    are the better for it
    But 250 EFDs
    and these quotes
    say probably not...
    "Nice use of smilies!"...
    ":)hey, are you married ?"
    Craciun fericit!
    32 peds for you from an eomon hunt mate...if you have anyone from BAHQ on your fl plz pm them so we can arrange to meet up.

    Kev :)

    Edit: make that 54 peds (sold a couple of esi's that Rony looted) :)
    Your quote : "sorry your global is out. I hope you get more in future and make up for that one. GL"

    Np mate, thanks for +rep and ur wishesh, I hope that they will come true :)

    C`ya and gl ;)
    If I had a Ferrari.. do you really think Id give a shit bout the revive? =))
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