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  • saw this and thought of you.....:D

    On my phone! Don't have a cable at home...... will upload them at work Monday morning.

    Was nice, added kidney beans. We could manage a 3 alarm i reckon ;) Princess is a bit 'gloryhound' so 2 was OK for her:p

    Loving the story, you MUST post it on the main forum when done.

    We should film it too...... sure we can all record our own parts somehow and sort it:D

    It was so awesome to have a texan in a room full of british!! :p Thanks, I had alot of fun tonite! I loved when you stood over me shooting....too funny!!
    heehoo Bj
    how are you? havent seen you for a while. I hope you are doing well. good morning and have a nice day.
    cheers leeloo
    :dunno: how would I know?..

    OH you meant ME :D .. hehe

    I'm good - busy on the new forum :) spending more time working with that than anything else atm (well next to work, kids, pets, priest etc). And what about yourself? This vu is treating you well?

    Lot the cat picture btw :D
    thx for rep m8. it would be interesting to see if Lloyds would insure the virtual investments of people.

    I mostly hang aroud Atlas Haven as i have done since PE days. Ill be on today sunday 20/09/2009 from 6am calypso time till 9:30 am aprox and thereafter on and off all day due to domestic workload lol.

    keep in touch as this is almost a new game with new land areas to explore and get on to yer map i dont know where ill be after all its an adventure all over again with a familiar taste hehe.

    hope to bump into you soon TC

    nice to hear from you again , ill send message when i can confirm time and day but would like to know aprox time you are on and also if its USA , GMT or Calypso time

    cu soon
    Hi Bj
    sorry not been looking at my messages sorry :(

    Yeh it was good to meet you and the Mrs too. My wife and I enjoyed meeting everyone old and new.
    Have been popping in and out of Sakura trade terminal hoping to catch you but not seen you. When are you on so i can get you on Fl, please let me know.

    BURP! ... from my new laptop... installing EU now... we shall see......

    Liquid cooling FTW, mate! Quiet and more efficient. I've been doing plumbing for 30 odd years and i very carefully checked out the rigs out there. Totally safe to use just by following directions. I'd recommend Zalman or CoolerMaster if you want to go that way.

    All the best!!! (and keep HoFfing!!!)

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