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  • I know i suck.. but.....
    Just give me one example where something has become cheaper, or kept the same price after MA has done a rebalance.
    If you cant ---> you suck.

    Sir Valentin
    ty ^^ scrof none silent useless bp. got two entries in hof for it :D lol check our forum. anyways ill go to bed now, cu tomorrow :)
    Aaaand now im off to bed :O) lol oh shit w8 i needto wake up in 2 hours rofl :D guess il try to take a small nap!
    its about now i shuld ask everyone if i have given them the correct rep lol :p cant rep more in 24h so lets see how this ends. XD
    now thats emberesing lol ._. rofl, i hope i didnt do it on more people O_O ! sec. gonna do it all over
    Hey Dinni,
    I'm building a house at the moment and also getting married, so it's not the best time for me to play. I'm really craving to play more, but I have no time for it.
    I'm definitely not leaving EU (might sell some stuff though) and I hope to come back in October.
    I'm sure it's not much for you to be alone in the soc chat, so if you decide to change a soc or do something with DWs, it's perfectly understandable. Hopefully I might also move with you to some other soc (subject to being accepted, of course :) ) later.

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