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  • Hey, its pretty easy to call someone spineless when you do it via a rep system only they can see. Keep up the good work! And I appreciate the negative rep. Rep on these boards is totally meaningless! Keep it coming!
    Thanks for the Rep:) Yeah they do get little knickers in bunch... It's actually amazing how much they obsess over it....

    Have a great day and May the Goddess of Hof's be with you...
    I am a finance student who is doing research on socs in EU for my master thesis, and I was wondering if you or someone in your soc would help me by answering some questions

    Hope to hear from you

    Miss master thesis
    End could have been better. I mean better than connection lost lol. I was in Atlas Heaven when it happends. Now just have to do houseworks and chekking server status and ofcource reading forum :D I hope u are ok too :) I hope server will be up tomorrow :)
    ok :) couldnt fully remember myself lol. just occured to me that mark makes it though when the time comes ;)
    hehe ye argus is like *gardasee* for some reason rofl.. many of our soc hang out there because it has easy access to terminals and it is a living but not crowded place.. no need to speak german ^^
    Exactly ! HardWrath just went a bit too far..

    At least he realised he was in the wrong, and made an apology ! Should have been by PM tho !
    lol hey girl...sry i havent been on here in ages. Still tryin to get ahold of reed. If u see him plz tell him to email me. TY *hugs* talk to u soon.
    Just got back from the doctor's. I've torn the muscles in my neck :( Could take a month to heal O_O
    I'm not at work. I'm having trouble with my neck and am going to the doctors to get it looked at. Very painful :(
    "Is it real?".... Oh, it's real and it's happening! lol
    Alchemy Academy is the home of the "School of the Gods" and official sponsor of "The Curandero" project.
    Check out my blog here in EF at....
    Any comments made would be appreciated to keep the discussion going and keep it bump’n!
    Suu Miles.....Truly a God Of Chaos!

    Check my blog... you are, by your society membership, eligible for a full scholarship from the Alchemy Academy. :yay:

    Maybe we could get you to say a few words. You know, for the children. :laugh:

    Peace out,
    QAM "Kam" :headbang:
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