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  • Thanks for the Rep
    Ahhh! The irony of it all

    May the goddess of Hofs be wiht you

    I am a finance student writing my master thesis, about EU. i am writing about socs, i would like to interview some of the members of the soc, and i was wondering if you think that you or a member of your soc would want to help me.

    hope to hear from you

    miss master thesis

    Just interested if you want any help from the Aussie time slot. I have been doing TP runs and helping newcomers for the last 18 months or so.

    I am an upper midlevel player however have studied the game in detail.

    Be willing and happy to help out. On every night for 4 hours or more and much longer over the weekends.

    I hunt mainly however have very good experience and know the mechanics of other professions.

    By bible is Alice's guide and still refer to it every now again as well as all the excellant sites on EF.

    Anway the offer is there..

    Cheers Jung
    Gardasee? OMFG, nice image! Well, I might be there but then again I never liked it in the first place, hate the pyramid ;-)
    Cheers :D

    Not in here, don't see the point and actually avoid places like Argus for that reason. If I want to speak German I log off and get out of the house :silly2:
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