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  • Hey emma my Ary Steve Hunter... You proble remember me before the big cry engine setup and i just wanted to say hi.. And i see that there doing a new arrival section.. And ill stop in and see you sometime when thats done.. :)

    Cya emme .. later

    Hey Emma - good to see you still around - been a while - where you Guides hang out these days?
    Emma! i didnt knew you were using forums as well. :) well.. hehe. :D Aparently you do! hope your doing well, havent visited you guys for a bit of time. hope all is good. :)
    Happy Holidays ... and may your virtual flame burn bright in the New Year with many blessings! :hug:

    Hi Emma, Thanks for the TP Run to Nea's. Have made some pictures in my album from That. You can have a look! This quick dirty work retro style as i like! ;)


    Hello Ms. Emma ... hopefully we'll see you at one of the party events like we did Simon. It's always wonderful to see both of you out and about mingling with the rest of us. :)
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