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  • hey ranpha laat je niet weg pesten door dat shit gedoe met calypto.
    het is gewoon een zielig clubje.
    oja voor ik het vergeet je kent me meschien nog van de ef chat.
    Hey Faye, ja ik leef nog XD
    Heb ff een paar maandjes rust genomen, speel nu af en toe weer.

    Seey you ingame
    !! :D
    thx 4tTip !

    But in myself past experience i did try to used that tool (and other like) but my mind refused to use it !!!
    I'm thinking seriusly to upgrade my Comprehensivity\TraductionArTly skill (like right use of verbs )
    but my life is ever an alchemik cauldron ...I'm not looking for Folosophical Stone (Midas choice isn't my choice) en Above All divine Justice (about babel) underline the absence of respect about Human Buildings ...i'm joke about last 2 row !!!!
    Human is most hight levelled parassite in this Univers and sometimes ''diwine'' hand jack up the elbow!!!!
    (if u colud give me exAct translate about
    is glad ...(ok your translate Tool give me ''rise up..'' <<??slang???>>)
    Have a wonderful Holiday Season my friend.

    Nice to see you back on 'guide duty' :) Best of luck with it :)

    See you in there ;)
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