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  • ty for picture comment :) Server's went down shortly after, whole area went tits up ;)
    well i got alot of free time :D so.. i work.. but ofc in a pleasurable way, meaning painting or drawing ^^ and like everyone else on this forum.. play EU :)
    Same here ;)) i mean thnx for the message and i do agree that chatting with other ppl is always welcome ^^
    I don't really remember what brought me to your page.. ^^ just browsing around and stumbled on it :)
    Thnx for the message :)
    Well in that case, you picture is very nice as well :) If you need any help in-game feel free to ask. Lynn

    P.s. its NOT A GAME!!! lol :rolleyes::eek::silly2:
    Hmmm that bug is crazy; I absolutely have never had that one happen. hehe, But anything can happen at twins :) So are you new to the game? Btw thanks for the nice comment about my devil picture :)
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