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  • My dear wonderful friend ... now why would we ever want to do that, eh? :D Thanks, and hope all is well with you. It's not a bad thing being on the same page. ;)
    Have a wonderful Holiday Season my friend.

    Thanks for EFD. And I agree, the numbers can be a bit off, partly because no poll (part of the data used) is completely accurate, and the use of averaging some figures (average deposit per person) used to extrapulate other figures can skew results. One thing as deposit average per person increases, the number of person decrease. But I wanted to keep things conservative and non-biased as possbile. Thanks again for EFD.
    Thanks my friend ... and you are always a beacon of brilliance yourself. I always appreciate reading your offerings at this forum, because they are constructive with substance. ;)
    Happy Holidays ... and may your virtual flame burn bright in the New Year with many blessings! :hug:

    Hi AJack, have signed up on forum and am awaiting activation. been playing since just before CoT. not a regular but have become more active recently and all my old soc have left (1 man soc :( )
    looking for a casual group to hunt/chat/hang out with ingame.
    let me know if you need any details

    Would love to promote you in my soc you know that ;)

    I'm still around and about, just been mighty bussy and off on summer hols for a short while..
    You handing out promotions AJack? ... if they're based on good behavior I might not pass mustard, unless it was purple of course. :silly2: Hope all is well with YOU ... been a while, so hugs coming your way my friend. ;)
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