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  • I don't care how you try to disguise it. I didn't neg rep you to cause a discussion, arguement or drama. If you're looking for either then please stop writing to me.
    2.3 - Personal Disputes
    Personal issues between individuals or societies should NOT be debated in the public forum areas and are not permitted.

    You don't feel your thread fell under that rule? Not to mention the rule against not naming people? And about the mods, they seem to only apply the rules to when they see fit. Apparently some poeple are above the rules in this forum.
    Thank you for participating in the discussion. i think you have a point ! I wanted several things out of the discussion and i did learn alil bit about who feels against and for spreading rumors.This alone was worth the excercise

    Just a reminder that WoF is around the corner, and we need as many people as possible to help Team USA claim the title. Hunters of all skill levels, budget, and available time for the events are all welcome, and appreciated. It's a lot of fun, and a great way to meet people who you otherwise wouldn't have gotten a chance to know.

    You can join the WoF USA usergroup here . Thanks to some dedicated members there is some really useful WoF information in here :).

    We hope to see you there, and feel free to PM me with any questions.

    dasps?? I think they are too much for me..., but whith your help nothing is impossible ;)
    Hey Shawty ... how you feelin' today? Sorry about my negligence in listing the 10 Fresco globals and 9 Atrox globals Friday night. :( ... I'll make it up to you. ;)
    Lol Hey Kiri, this is actually the first time I have done anything on the forums lmao. I'm a bit of a procrastinator =p lol. Anyway, hows it going?
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