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  • Oh look! An EU player that doesnt live a zillion miles away! Greetings from Banff!
    heehoo kitten
    how are you? havent seen you in a while. I hope you are doing well. good morning and have a nice day.
    cheers leeloo
    Ah i never got a SS, we going have to hunt Kimmi down and get some new ones as you done such a great job! you need to show off your great work! :)
    Hey Kitten, I just seen your post on Beech's ESI! crazy how we meet x 2 in less then 24hrs lol :)
    gratz.. oh and btw I have been sitting on aton of paints for you.. you still want them? Contact me if you do a nd we can meet.
    I thank you so much for the sound advice you have given me. Your sharing truly has helped me to see some colour at the end of the tunnel ^^
    I dont really understand that profile thing at all I have not taken even a little time to look at is I am to busy with work and playing entropia hehehhe
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