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  • Bringing closure to the issues you address would greatly increase the communities confidence in your position.
    Hey Hanne, your PMs are full!

    I was wondering if you could edit something on the blog real quick before it goes up. There are 4 periods at the top of it that I used to space out the picture from the title, but you can see them. Whoops :/ Could you just delete them before it goes up?

    Hi&Merry Xmas,

    Please let FPC know Steelbird challenge is a seasonal challenge and thus spawn should be removed, otherwise they should also consider introducing some longtooth spawn somewhere. There were 30 globals registed by tracker on steelbirds the other day. I believe they also drop pvp4 loot Sk-50 same as muluk hir(pvp4 mob) and cuts back on the pvp incentive. Would be a real shame to not put those tanks or choppers to some use.
    Heh as you can see I am thorough when I want that stuff gets done!
    I sent the email, will let you know how it all turns out :)
    Thanks for the reply Hanne. Great news!

    Hope you got my last PM from just now... am I starting to become annoying? ;)
    Hi Hanne, I am sure you are busy, but....there have been 3 threads about the Dominator Coat. There is mention of a BP on Entropedia. Can you help us find out if
    1. The BP did drop
    2. The coat was crafted?
    3. Can FPC ask MA to drop another BP as there doesnt seem to be one in circulation.

    Bjorn :)
    Hi Hanne
    Do you know when the paid PCF memberships will be brought back. 711 indicated that you may have some information regarding the implementation of this feature again.

    Hi hanne - just notice the forum link on planetcalypso.com goes to entropiaforum.com instead of planetcalypsoforum.com. Might wanna be fixxedededed now that you have the fabulous new forum.

    :swoon:I used to be secretly in love with you....:swoon:

    :shower:But now that I've told you....:shower:

    :swoon:....It's not a secret anymore..........:shower:

    Good to see you back! Look forward to seeing you at the new swamp when they redo it, or hopefully sooner!

    Take care, Dot
    LOL now I feel even worse, I am your only red dot :( Neg rep me back, I can take it :) I wont feel better until you do it! <hides under a pillow>, ok I am ready :)
    LOL it was a brunette moment!! PM'ed 711 and see if he could change it in between all the other stuff he is doing right now :)

    Ohhhh Happy Belated :)
    OMG I did? I am so sorry!!! LOL Guess I am one of those idiots that can't read either!! hahaha I will go make up for it :)
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