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  • Nej jag bara sa att han som reparerar skärmar här faktiskt klagar på reparationer utförda av de som gör skärmarna. Dessutom så är det nästan uteslutande Samsung här :) Förtydligande: Gubens åsikt är att alla andra som reparerar skärman är skit(sämre än han själv)
    Vart bor du? Jag känner en gube i Linköping som pular med skärmar. Har bytt kondingar hundra gånger på skärmar där jag jobbar. Han tom, kollar om de skärmar vi skickar på reparation är OK gjorda, och enligt han själv så är alla andra skit.
    Thank you! ;) ... and I edited my post so that I was clear to note that I didn't mean to imply that skills had no value ... thanks for bringing that to my attention. :)
    Thanks for trying to help with the WMP error. I still have no idea what could have been wrong. (I tried the codecs ect) I eventually just reinstalled Vista and I'm in.
    Thanks much,

    Thanks for the nice comment :)
    I hope people realise that we have to have a better attitude towards eachother if we want the game to grow.,
    Just wanted to say I appreciate that you try to share with the comunity. I dunno if theory is sound or just an impresion but the gesture count more I think...GL!
    I told ya to stop trying to help the noobs understand the mining system. NOW will you listen to me?! Just take your knowledge, and get that 70% hit rate we talked about in mining ;). I might be out in the field myself soon, got a hold of a decent chunk of ped... will see how my B'day hunt goes first, though :D
    nope dont think so, I asked a question and u got the hump coz other ppl had all been asking the same thing I just had not kown that and had not managed to spend hours looking thru threads to find that others had asked the same.. quite unfair and undeserving I would think. I am a nice person with lots of patience and a loving nature, and would never punish for just asking a question
    Do you know out of 50 reps i got on my account here yours is the only red one.. all the rest are green.......... and u don't even know me!
    lol I bet you wouldnt mind
    and about the music.. not sure if my type would fit perfectly into what you meant in that group.. I like more the techno club electro style.. but well to mention some names I like and that you maybe fit in "Electro Heads".. LCD SoundSystem, Hot Chip and Daft... me thinks :p
    Hi, can I ask you where you get that entropia tracker on your signature?
    is it for free, and if it is, where did you find it?
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