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  • lol no big deal, just was surprised cause the message didn't sound like you meant it as a -rep :)
    Hi Olivia , : )
    Nice to se you, hope we can meet up in game. but this is fine too ; )
    U have to show the new players what this game once was , i look at old youtube clips and miss the old game .

    Send my regards to Carl and hope u both have a nice day
    Hi hun, not been ingame for a bit (PSU problems) hope things are better than last time we chatted :)
    Thank you to you and Carlito ... and I hope that you're enjoying your Holiday Season. I also hope that 2010 is a far better healthier one as well. Hugs to you both! ;)
    Hi babe,
    Damn your hands are not getting better?? Would accupuncture help do u think? No I dont have a shop it is Kygon & Radio's but they asked me to decorate it for this competition, however Kygon didn't have time to sort out things to put in it so he said just do what u fancy, make it diff from all the others, so I did lol. Decided to make it a showroom to advertise my interior design/decorating :) hope u manage to get in game soon babe, u take care xxxxxxxxx
    You naughty girl!! lol dont worry about pple do it all the time ya not the first, take care chick! Loren x
    Hello Olivia ... I appreciate your enthusiasm for your friend's logo. However, I didn't vote for #7 the first time around, and I actually think it's in poor taste to do a mass posting in people's profiles to ask them to vote for a friend or socmate, rather than allowing a person to make up their own mind about an artistic endeavor based on merit. That said, I won't be voting this time around since my favorite logo is not amongst those presented.
    OMG! I've been sending it out to everyone! rrr. It is the link my friend sent me for HER post! LOL. I'll contact her...

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