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  • Crone has no idea what you are speaking of...? So, no worries. Crone doesn't worry either. About the game that is.
    Congratz on the purchase, I look forward to Medusa being awesome :) Thanks for the plus rep and uhhh....if I could get one of those apartments overlooking the bay that would be super!!!!! ;)
    Might have to do that Mr. Radio if i do decide to stay with the game :D will be good to see you guys again as soon as i get my new computer in. Cheers m8 :)
    Best Wishes for the New Year xxx

    Yeah, I did that for two reasons. First and most important was so that I couldn't be accused of causing unfair decay, the second was so I could being a massive cloud of trox. Anyway, I enjoyed it, looks like vodka did as well. Let's leave it there, eh. You've done enough mud slinging for a lifetime.
    Well, if you left the reply to me, on my page.. i would have replied sooner :) Since now i know you dont quite understand forums, i thought i would check back today.. Hence this quick reply.

    He said you were dragging many, in Spart lol .. But who cares :) I have never seen so many globals in one group of atrox !
    Still banging on about this eh sevvy?

    Yes, yes, you're absolutely right. Vodka nailed me a few times when I had half my gear and was on my laptop, so I took 1, repeat 1 cloud of trox to give him a party.
    Mobtrains are fun, i totaly agree.. But repeatedly dragging, is not.. especially when you do it because you get your ass kicked :)

    Like you did to Vodka lol, Starting to see a trend in Shoalin :)
    you can mail haggis?

    it was nice to see the countryside on the train. the train was a little run down, though. I guess it's not on eof the more popular lines. the ferry was nice. I liked that.
    hey, rad.

    I never actually ate any haggis in scotland.

    it was very nice to visit, though. well, except for that terrible train ride out to the port to the ferry to belfast.
    hey could u please contact me
    i deleted u frome my FL in game
    "sorry" i deleted alot lol
    im not in need of the ad in u window anymore, i stop doing haircuts lol

    Nah, to my shame i must admit its the queen margaret union (glasgow uni) - best place in the west end to get a game of pool tho :)
    Also, dont suppose u recognise the pool room in this pic?
    greetings to u too man, and ta for the +rep ;) nice to know there are other weegies playing this besides me - i never meet any RL types who have even heard of it lol - as for the WoF, wont i look a bit outta place in my gremlin with my opalo? he he he

    bye the noo,


    i need to change my ad in u window
    hair cuts now is 10 ped
    colors still 40 ped

    ah people would be daft to leave with so much in the air; especially as its free to take a break. I guess the only reason to "sell out" now would be if someone really throught prices would drop after crytopia. I think it really depends on the object. Clothes for example these days vary a lot depending on how much MA uglyify them for example. Some however improve in appearance and shoot up... just not many ;')
    oooh! Hello, how are you doing? Thanks for the invite - much appreciated!!!! :-D I'm on a break right now (since sept) but will hopefully be back before Crytopia ;_)
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