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  • hi
    I got a tiny prob;(
    cant remember my login details on tracker can u help me
    also can i buy upgrade ingame ?
    After you removed Sinofmens post she added another one. Omfg
    I am gettin on air in 10 minutes and wanted to say that The forum moderators deserve a pat on back and now i see her post there for all to see..
    Hi Rayne.would you consider removing sin of mens last post as i realy honestly would like to end this type of Discussion in any future discussions I have as it pertains to the forum. Altho i do feel a need to defend myself.I would rather begin to have peaceful and civil discussion from now on..I would request that you remove her last comment and watch for her to attempt to continue this kind of waste of good space in the forum. Thank you for being a good moderator i respect you Raven in more than one way.
    okok lets stop it, I -rep u 1st than u -rep me 2nd, thread is closed - problems are solved. Now lets have some fun instead :) gl
    Thanks for a warning and -rep, that really scared me out. Nevertheless, you missed another X 10s of same threads, and you somehow forgot to lock em. What was so special about this one? You should lock all such threads or let em all be IMO.
    I signed up for the WoF america team and did the request to join the pvt USA forum...how do I get to it or where is the page?

    Thanks for the Add and the BIG patience you have here...many hugs there :)
    whi do you think filosophy was off topik ?
    however could you moved the message in other discussione
    delete writing is same burning a book
    what did you think?
    I didnt meen there should be _only_ scandinavia. isnt there a german,dutch etc... but also they have single team for each country?? scandic would be in addition to the other teams, for ppl that dont make it in their main teams..

    The point I am trying to get across to Marco is to take it outside the day to day balancing engine to allow for real earning potential for those who are dedicated to growing and expanding the Calypso business in a sustainable manner.

    With this system in place the balancing of rewards purchased (Markup/economic balancing) will be done by the system after the reward is purchased and will have nothing to do with prior contributed economic activity.
    ok , for now i undestund , you are now Moderator and you like to go up , ok but not whit me post , sry because i was rude whit you , gl , but in the future you can see another post what is not write in english , at last 2 post on that you delete it is not in english , 1 for all, all for one i now , gl ;)
    you knowing the rule and deleted it and for some ppl dont no the rule ????? ok i will start the war, tomorow you gone have at last 15 negative rep , gl and nn
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