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    Little Big Mining Log - Miners Tool (OCR)

    Today the Entropialife/tracker site was down. Little Big Mining Log stopped working after 10-20secs. Now the site is up again and all is working. Maybe its the same problem it was with the old etapi.dll? Another Question. I have a German Win 8 OS. So the voice in your program is a german one...
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    uber caldorite

    Maybe i have forgot a ","? Who knows? But now i will become famous? I dont care. But now i will stop off-topic, oh wait, this whole thread is off-topic :wise: But to defend you there is no subforum "Whining" ... gn8 all & gl
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    uber caldorite

    Ok. He has 46 Globals and 10 Hofs in Mining. Why shouldnt it be possible for him to get a big uber? :scratch2: And it was amped for sure. Well deserved and big GRATZ PS: This thread should be moved, cause its not your uber :wtg:
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    Help: i cant download planets
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    Return of the GOLDEN AGE

    !Register Pan Sorok Bavaria
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    Looted one today from a Daikiba. I think it was a provider
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    Wave events schedule

    Sorry my mistake. :mad: Damn wtf did i do :scratch2: For those who wasnt online: 2 Discoveries both for Skippie rest of loot: 0, Nothing, Nada, Rien, Nix
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    Wave events schedule

    wave #4 on the treaskeron. could need more people
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    No Loot Sand King (again)

    Team "(Shared Loot)" killed a creature (Shinkiba Provider) with a value of 4263 PED! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame.
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    No Loot Sand King (again)

    So the middle island was a waste of time to develop, cause nobody would ever kill the Sand King anymore -> no Sandking DNA -> no Hussk. Well done.
  11. Hussk Recipe

    Hussk Recipe

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    No Loot Sand King (again)

    GAME OVER :cry:
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    New Posts Overload?

    Deleting Cookies helped. Thx
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    7 Days on Gaia's Cradle

    Redu day What about scoring updates? ;)
  15. Redulite