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  • Lol, thanks for this. Think I've watched half a dozen youtube vids of news clippings and a personal message from him from present date. Very positive man. Great sense of humor. Thanks, made my day! =D
    Ah, like the story behind it even more. Excellent... he was the original troll, trolling the censorship board for criticism of his work. Funny, and a brillliant protest!
    Lol that guys non-singing IS amazing! It's like he's saying. "I'm so cool, I don't even need words. Hellsya!"
    PS. forgot in the rep, you know you can turn off the creature/item model in a scan window? if we couldn't do that I would have had no choice but to make it but was too lazy this time lol
    and once again thanks for the comment, and I never thought it could actually fool anyone as it seem to have done lol
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