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  • Hi mate!

    I finally found your name here hehe.

    I'm the guy who contacted you regarding the lion armor part you will receive or received from MA. I know your logging time isn't the same as mine. So how about we try to arrange a time we both could meet at using MA time?

    Also I saw you had Ml45 for sale. I'm crying sooo much now that I didn't bought it from you back then :/

    Answer me to see when we can make a deal. Thanks for letting me reach to complet

    Please delete some of your inbox messages so I can contact you lol
    No prob mate you deserve it. If it had been anyone else on the team I would give them the same praise. Most teams don't like spliting up but it worked well for us. :)

    Merry Christmas to you and the family Jung :)
    Hope you have a great one :)
    no problem mate! I'll be at home all this december. Happy for getting a chance to be in SGA! Got any SGA items? noticed that you are trying to sell an apartment..reducing expenses?
    Hey there Romeo!

    How have You been?

    Sorry was unable to open that account for u from this end.

    I am a finance student who is doing research on socs in EU for my master thesis, and i was wondering if you or a member of your soc would help me by answering some questions

    best regards
    Miss Master Thesis
    hey DurakJung,

    thx for your interest :) you're welocme to apply at the soc-terminal any time :)

    (note, since VU10 some ppl cannot apply at the soc-terminal due to a bug.. if this is a case, we can meet ingame and invite you manually. this has worked before.)

    cu later,

    hi mate

    good to hear from u

    I would say the ftp has not being allowed by your server.

    However vu10 is going to be downloaded by torrent so i would probably not worry downloading the old version and download the new version available from the 14th onwards

    Catch u soon

    We hope :)

    hi,Durak. after i got killed by atrox that day,my laptop crashed due to a hard drive problem.now i am in college.my college provides internet via proxy server.i don't know why but the intial updating when we first install and start eu is stopping with an error or sometimes it shows no internet connectivity. u have any ideas about resolving the problem? by the way how are u doing? excited about V.U.10?
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