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  • Now i got what you mean - you don't distinguish between coin A and B, and want to know what the other coin shows when one (randomly picked by you) shows heads .

    That'd be 1/3rd (or 33.333%)

    You love math, huh? :D

    Maybe we should set up a forum nerd challenge... ;)
    Heads or Tails is always 50%, every toss is independent... maybe i didn't catch the question properly.
    Thanks for the reminder! I'll probably be making a whole new graphics with our logo and all, and it'll be fixedededed and great! :)
    I've no idea mate, but it's an interesting question so I'd like to know the answer too :)
    Aw sheesh.. I've never been good with compliments! :S
    But thank you :) Most appreciated
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