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Mar 16, 2007
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Gday All,

As you know I helped a guy out who was new to the game recently and found that he was writing up an article that brought VU10 to the top of a gaming websites headlines and traffic count. :D

Well, he was impressed with the whole game that he said he would return and could I help him gather some players to comment. :ahh:

Well I just saw him in game today and he said he had finished the second part of the article and it has been posted :wtg::

Please log in, vote and show some love to a well balanced story on the backbone of our universe....yes the RCE. John Bates - I will never forget your interviews I witnessed at Perth, everytime I read those 3 letters I have visions of John in his blue suit sending the message to the masses ya work mate!

Have a read and support us in the wider media....

Bags :yay:
Nice :) been waiting to read part II :yay:
Appreciate the link to this article, without a doubt the best in depth look I have seen yet, and honest, and open, as well. :cool:
Thanks a lot for posting a nice link! Great article!!


I'm not sure whether to be flattered or offended at my avs mention :ahh:.. although, I have always had a thing for Angelina :silly2: Seems my 'secret naked night hunts' are not so secret afterall :laugh:

But in all seriousness, although a couple of minor fallacies appear to have slipped in to the article, another great read, thanks for posting the link up Bags :)

Definately agree it's fantastic to see a writer spend more than a 'cursory glance' when writing a review on EU :)

Looking forward to the third installment ;)

Cheers :beerchug:,

Wow Aly. Think you're gonna pull a lot of players. :p

Would be good for him to actually review the gameplay and whatnot...though I fear it might stop being so favourable.

Events, community created especially, should be covered toooo I thinks.

But very nice stuff once again.
Bagman, ya make me proud!

It's clear this writer actually paid attention, played, and also talked to some fantastic people in-game, and got some really good insights, perspective and understanding from it. I feel like this is one of the first long articles where the writer truly 'gets it' about us.
Bagman, thanks for posting this and for being so great with the writer. Your enthusiasm and generosity are a gift to everyone around you and I agree that this is probably one of the best, most well thought out articles about us yet. As well, my thanks to everyone else who talked with this reporter and my thanks to everyone who makes the community of Entropia Universe such a vibrant, wonderful thing. I'm proud to be affiliated with ya'll!

JKB :yay:

PS, this made my day, checking my email on my phone from bed this morning (Sunday morning) I clicked through and read both articles and just had a smile on my face all day. :)
Bloody hell, he's not finished yet :laugh:
Part 3 to come.

This is the best review I've seen, almost a training manual in it's depth.
Makes a nice change. HE writes very well too.

Good to see normal players having honest opinions reported.
Good to see the important aspects focused on instead of the eyecandy (with one obvious exception :silly2:).

Expose on the Eye Candy :eek: wouldnt hurt! LOL

Bags :ahh:
Very nice job. Got my registration and vote. :)
Overall it certainly seems to be well written. I think he did a great job.

I can’t wait to see the next one.
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Very interesting! Thanks for posting links. :)
Was as close to what i think of the game apart from the same old porkie pies.

"And to get there, all you have to do is plug in. 810,000 social butterflies have already made the journey, and many of those have found virtual fame and real life fortunes in the pixel world."

810,000 social butterflies registered perhaps far from that playing.

Many have found "Virtual fame and real life fortunes."

Pronunciation: \ˈme-nē\
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): more \ˈmȯr\; most \ˈmōst\
1 : consisting of or amounting to a large but indefinite number
2 : being one of a large but indefinite number

Could the MANY all write your names below this post please then i'll become a believer :)

It's small ferfies like that that put me off and i actually enjoy the game as entertainment but see these comments as misleading to potential newcomers.

I never expect to get a real life fortune from the game as im just way to much into shooting and bombing for the hell of it. If i want to get a real life fortune i'll work hard in real life, it's actually easier :)

But as i said nice articles apart from those things i mentioned.

Also was good to see players comments and it not be the same old views from semi famous avatars who basically never tell it like it really is.

Gz to those involved, i must go now to hunt down Aly emmm i mean Lara :) wah wah wahhhh

edit: ok got one msg sayign they bought there new pc from mining, im gonna say i too could of bought a few computers from mining :) but i could of bought 20 computers if i hadnt mined :) and a computer isnt a real life fortune. I consider a fortune .... well... a bloody fortune :)
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Good pickup Butch; I am not one of the many, but I know of many players who have done well in game!
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thank you sir! started reading!
Another great read there. I look forward to part 3! :wtg:
I've spotted a few factual errors in part II

On page5

There are other opportunities to make money from a land area, such as building a mall and leasing shops. These establishments function in a very similar manner to their real life counterparts, and if setup with the right goods and in the right location, can be very profitable.

only MA / FPC can build a Mall.

For those players that are more interested in business opportunities than avatar development there are also ways in which the RCE can be of benefit. Investors can purchase apartments, shops, bank licenses, land areas, and on rare occasions, regions of an exceptionally unique nature.

the bank licenses have so far been a one off and many would argue as to how successful they've been as one has never opened or even claimed by the owner and one attempted to sell out.
registered and read and voted a great article! :D