Chipping Optimizer Tool

anyone else getting: 502 Bad Gateway ?
anyone else getting: 502 Bad Gateway ?

i also got this error earlier today; looks like the hosting provider has been having intermittent outages. it seems to be working fine now, though.

wrt the effect of the new skills in the HP calculations, I'll enter the new data in the tools as soon as I'm back home; at the moment I'm away from home, on a business trip, really really busy.

i hope to be able to work on the new HP calcs by early next week.
i have entered the new HP data into the database.
let me know if you spot anything incorrect.

at least, for my super noob skill set, it seems to work fine...
pmd you to get lost login details

not working again....happy to host you on my own personal server if you wish?

It works - Just have to accept the certificate error as Intermediate CA (R3) expired.
tried again and it was working, Thx Muksy
yes, I added "https" support to the "" site some months ago, using a certificate from Let's Encrypt. apparently, one of their root certificates expired recently (on Sept 30th); before that date, there was some media coverage about the effect this would cause, since some transient issues for end users were to be expected, until all browsers were eventually updated with new root certificates.
I’m getting a 502 code when trying to use skill scanner! :’(
Tool not being supported anymore?
Getting suspended domain at the moment :/
Tool not being supported anymore?
Getting suspended domain at the moment :/
It wasn’t working for me as well last night (got scared 😱)
But all seems well now, up and running again
would be nice if the skinning and butchering are changed as 'usable' for chipping.
currently they are only used for calculating current skill, but it can't be used to calculate how much it costs to get to a higher lvl.
in animal looter, skinning, butchering and scavenging are still not chippable
date - today - this isnt working again - any ideas folks?
date - today - this isnt working again - any ideas folks?
The new UI will have broken the image recognition of the skill scanner. From my conversation with Jdegre quite a while ago it seemed he isn't interested in working on the project anymore so i doubt a fix or update is coming. The website is also down so there is no way presently to use the tool at all which is a shame. Jdegre if you read this thread again please get in touch, I'd be keen to pickup the project and get it running again :)
Down for me also, are there any known alternatives to this tool?