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Feb 24, 2005
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Buzz Erik Lightyear
Hello fellow Entropians, I am writing to inform people about Crystal Palace and it's evolution this year.

In the beginning of 2018 I had been thinking about the idea to sell Crystal Palace. It has been a great honor and it has been very exciting, fun and rewarding to have owned it all these years. But it was on my mind that perhaps I needed to move on from CP, as owning such a large investment didn't make as much sense anymore for me due to real life issues. And also for the fact that I haven't had much time for EU as I did in the past. After having kids it has been difficult to find the time anymore as I once did. And so CP has suffered somewhat do to this. I also knew that selling would be a difficult thing to do since it is such a large investment for anyone take on. And so I asked a few old friends who might be interested and that have had significant investments over the years. They were interested but passed as they didn't have enough resources to take it on by themselves. At this time I was hesitant to fully acknowledge the fact that it would be in my best interest to sell. And so I was not ready to make it public or post about it on the forums yet that I wanted to sell. So I instead I decided to just keep on going as I had been and wait.

Some months later I was in negotiations about a private sale. Due to unforeseen circumstances things fell through. We have moved on since.

In this process it was discovered that there was no terminal in order to claim the deeds on CP as this was a bug and overlooked from the start and not known about until now. Being the current owner I felt very upset that there were no terminals as with every other Land Area or Estate ingame have. And this is something I would like to see fixed.

I was very bummed about at all of this time wasted and effort that had gone into this deal. And the result of this whole experience from my perspective is that now it will be even more difficult for me to sell CP in the future. How would I be able to sell it, as it is a large investment for any single person? I was now planning to potentially post about selling Crystal Palace on the forums and go from there. First I would try to get confirmation from MA that they would be able to add the Terminals in the future.

And so... I contacted MA again in order to see if they will be able to add the terminal to CP. Just to have that done I think would be a step in the right direction and one less hurdle to deal with. I asked Mindark again about this issue and what can be done. After these discussions they suggested to me the idea to turn Crystal Palace into a Deed sale.

I felt very optimistic about this new idea! A new evolution for CP. It was not only a great solution to selling CP as I had been thinking about all year... But it really felt like a win-win situation. This would give many players, hunters, and investors the opportunity to own a part of Crystal Palace! I love the idea of that. The future of CP could be great. Having large amounts of people who invest in it would mean more would want it to be successful. This could bring new opportunities for events or other exciting things that could happen in the future. And all of these positive things would increase the revenue for all of the future deed holders.

Mindark would be taking care of the deeds, sale and everything they need to do in order to implement and make this a reality. They have valued CP and they will share the sale revenue in order to accommodate this change and costs associated with such an endeavor. After the announcement many people have been asking me for more infomation about it. I hope MA will be able to give some more details for all those who had questions about it all in the near future.

Near the end of the year MA put out a press release about it:

I have been a player in Entropia for 16+ years now. Everyone who has known me in this time knows I have always been kind, respectable, honest, and a trustworthy person. I have always tried to be a good person because I don't like to deal with all the drama and hassles that come with negativity and all of its forms. I have written this post in order to prevent as many misunderstandings as possible. And so everyone can see my side of things, my motivations, and to update everyone about how Crystal Palace has come about its Evolution in 2018!

I see a bright future ahead for Crystal Palace. I am optimistic that 2019 and Beyond will be a good step forward for CP and all of the future deed owners!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! :tiphat: :grouphug:
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Thanks for the insight buzz, I wish you the best luck with whatever the final outcome of this all is. I think you did what most of us would have done in your situation :):)
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Having met you Buzz and known you ingame for pretty much all of 16 years, I can honestly say that there is no one who embodies Entropia more than you m8. Losing the auction of Crystal Palace didn’t sting as much knowing it was in good hands. Thanks for the outpouring of honesty as always.

Happy Holidays and Best of Luck with the sale!
A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.

Dalai Lama
Thanks for all the sharing. Glad to read about it.
Never doubted and wouldn't have doubt your word even if you would have been thrown into the mud.

Good luck for the next ! Hope everyone will be able to get some shares !
Buzz thank you for explaining, but for me personally not needed, you are a kind man and I trust you :) But I do know about rumors and drama, so it was a wise thing to do.

I hope you had a great christmas! And a wonderful 2019 to you and your family :)
You probably don't remember, but you actually spent a few hours healing Sunab and myself, as us noobs hunted Aurlies. Didn't know who you were, just that you were a nice guy. That was 15 years ago. Now I hunt Aurlie Queens by myself.

I will be one of those lined up to buy CP deeds.
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Spacejanitor would never have come up with the money anyway. MA saved you some angst by not allowing the deal without more info from the buyer.

Most likely the "policy" was put in place after the debacle that became FOMA.
Thank you very much Buzz for explaining it all.

Knowing you for about 13 years in game I'm sure you did the best possible and you where always honest.

All the best for you and the whole family in 2019 also :dunce:
Best of Luck to you

Best of Luck to you Buzz.. you have always been a stand up guy in all the years I have been in the game.

I think this new arrangement is great for you and for the game, and I hope you have continued success in the future.


good story - seems like almost happy ending - hope you get your money out of it - and who the hell is this negative nancy?
Thx for sharing Buzz :wtg:
U allways been someone i looked up to tbh and ur act here show why it is the right thing to do for sure :wise:
I will buy shares as much i can and i hope all will work out great for u in the end :yay:

Best wishes and happy holliedays to u and ur family m8 :)
Thanks for the info Buzz.

It makes to me perfect sense why imp fap and other rares dropped there recently where it never dropped before (since years)
To promote for this sale. GJ MA:confused:

Best of luck Buzz!
Name Removed would never have come up with the money anyway.

With all due respect, Buzz took steps to not slander the individual or name drop him. Out of respect to both Buzz and the potential buyer I think that we should not speculate publicly who the potential buyer was. This will help prevent falsely accusing anyone.

Regardless, I do hope that we still see you around Buzz, and Summer as well. You both have done amazing thing for the EU community. You’re a standup and one of the most respectable individuals I’ve come across. I’m glad that this proposal from Mind Ark is good for you and your family. Cheers bud.
Good luck for the future :wave:,
But I do not understand why the price is $ 500k while you sayed sell at less than the base price.
Even if it was at the basic price you have now the chance to resell CP at initial price (possible) + tax collected that is interesting for you and interesting for MA who can recover some k $. How a personal investment can this found in shared holders has a price higher than the sale price initial, considering the evolution of the lands and the game.
It's your LA Buzz and it wasn't cheap either, so do what's best for you. Deals fall though all the time in RL for various reasons.

Highly likely MA will want to do a web-shop sale, so they would hold the deeds rather than you. I do wonder though how much time it will take to shift half a million dollars of deeds. Maybe you'd want to agree stage payments with MA. i.e. they pay you at every 25% of the deeds sold (25% x 4), sounds reasonable to be honest.

If they sell $400K worth but struggle with the last $100K for a year and you've done a deal for payment on full sale, that could leave you with problems. Maybe CP sells fast, but maybe it doesn't.

Good thing about stage payments, is if you've been paid for 75% and the last deeds struggle to sell, you're in a position to buy the remaining deeds to sell privately to close out the sale. You've got more options to make it work for all involved.

None of my business just offering some commercial advice.

GL anyway

Good luck for the future :wave:,
But I do not understand why the price is $ 500k while you sayed sell at less than the base price.
Even if it was at the basic price you have now the chance to resell CP at initial price (possible) + tax collected that is interesting for you and interesting for MA who can recover some k $. How a personal investment can this found in shared holders has a price higher than the sale price initial, considering the evolution of the lands and the game.

If i understand correct they will pay 100% roi on deeds and they loose 5% forever . So they will continue devolp it whitout getting those 5% .

Good luck whit future plans Buzz :)
Thanks for all the good memories even if you and summer don't remember them :) you two certainly helped shape who I've become I game. and thank summer for all the coloring for me I hope it all works out for you and summer and the kids.

Now what I would really like to know is if the broods cave income will be part of the deed revenue? Knowing this info will really decide how much of my toe or whole leg will get dipped into this pond haha