Delta Discounts - Calypso's TRUE Bargain Shop - Omegaton West Habitat, Delta Tower

Friday Bump. Hey, guess what, tomorrow is Lincoln's Birthday! Happy early Bday Abe.

After buying that Christmas Tree, I'm fairly pedless at the moment, but the shop is still full if anyone wants to swing by. Also, will be depositing again in a few more weeks to keep adding more great items to both the shop and the Holiday Party Pad.

Epic interior design changes will be forthcoming. Also, if you folks in Delta are planning on selling out sometime in the next several month give me a hollar and I might either buy your place from you or find you a buyer. I'm going to start trying to work with a few other folks to jazz the place up a bit. Oxford claims to be the city of culture, but we are going to prove to them that Omegaton is the real city of culture in the coming months! :)

Stay tuned.
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guess it's time for a bump. :)
Guess I'll bump this today.

Just a reminder - Atrax Beach is about one tp jump southwest of Omegaton West Habitat, which is important since Atrax Iron Challenge now exists.

Also, that LA has Allophyl these days I hear, which is related to another Iron Challenge...

Up about 2 tp jumps north of Omegaton West Habitat is Serpentis's LA, where more allophyl and some molisk can be found.

and, of course, Neas is about two TP jumps southeast if you like sweating or hunting ambulimax.
Riker UL1 (L)
Riker UL2 (L)

I guess I must pay a visit to your store (or pay vists) sometime! I find your shop is extraordinarily fluorished with useful stuff!!! Are the two still available?
I have not updated the list in the first post lately. Sorry...

Check the shop for what's there. There was still some weapons in the front window last night, last time I logged in, and I believe some of those were Rikers.

Booth is still not working :(
mostly blueprints and a duchev log are in the shop at this time. At the time of my last log in booth still did not work :(
In the shop today...

Riker UL2 (L)
Duchev Log 3
Shogun Foot Guards (M)

Alekz Precision Scope Blueprint
Allophyl Leather Texture Blueprint
Basic Engine Blueprint
Basic Filters Blueprint
Basic Nuts Blueprint
Basic Power System Blueprint
Basic Processor Blueprint
Basic Processor Blueprint
Basic Pump Blueprint
Basic Rings Blueprint
Basic Screws Blueprint
Basic Sheet Metal Blueprint
Basic Sheet Metal Blueprint
Basic Structure Blueprint
Basic Wires Blueprint
BodyGuard Gloves (L) Blueprint
Caldorite Texture Blueprint
Cbase Plastic Texture Blueprint
Disc Brake Blueprint
Disc Brake Blueprint
Durable Damper Blueprint
E-Amp 11 Blueprint
Electropositive Capacitor Blueprint
Electropositive Communication Blueprint
Electropositive Communication Blueprint
GEC Spur Gears 2K Blueprint
Galaxy SII Ion Conductors Blueprint
Galaxy SIII Ion Conductors Blueprint
Ganganite Texture Blueprint
GeoTrek Buttstock Blueprint
Hardened Foil Blueprint
Hardened Foil Blueprint
Hardened Metal Mountings Blueprint
Hardened Metal Plating Blueprint
Hardened Metal Ruds Blueprint
Hardened Pipe Blueprint
Hessian Fabric Texture Blueprint
Mannell Shoes Blueprint
Mannell Shoes Blueprint
Medium Frieze Fabric Texture Blueprint
Metal Mountings Blueprint
Mourner Leather Texture Blueprint
Oxidized Iron Texture Blueprint
Reinforced Plate Blueprint
Reinforced Sheet Metal Blueprint
Reinforced Sheet Metal Blueprint
Rutol Stone Texture Blueprint
Sabakuma Leather Texture Blueprint
Simple I Plastic Ruds Blueprint
Simple I Plastic Springs Blueprint
Simple II Plastic Springs Blueprint
Small Plugs Blueprint
Snablesnot Leather Texture Blueprint
Snarksnot Leather Texture Blueprint
Soft Leather Texture Blueprint
Solar 6V Gel Batteries Blueprint
Solar 8V Gel Batteries Blueprint
Standard Hinge Blueprint
Standard Intelligence Module Blueprint
Standard Matrix Blueprint
Standard Rod Blueprint
Standard VisioMem Blueprint
Steering Rod Blueprint
Stinktree Texture Blueprint
Super Alloy Plating Blueprint
Super Alloy Ruds Blueprint
Tantardion Leather Texture Blueprint
Terrycloth Fabric Texture Blueprint
Triphased Power Systems Blueprint
Triphased Transmitter Blueprint
weekend bump
Happy Monday! :) :laugh::silly2::eyecrazy:

Going to have to come up with more room in my sig since I bought two more apartments in the building tonight. ;)

Got a few sales last few days here and there... when something sells I'm trying to replace it with something similar or more in demand, but prices are still low, and most of what we got in stock is still blueprints.

Booth still is not working. Crossing fingers in hopes that that will change after tomorrow's update, but won't hold my breathe on that one.

Also starting a little redecoration on the apartments as of last night.

I think Apartment 8H is going to be Statuary Hall. Only have 3 statues in it so far.

Apartment 10 A is going to be a display hall for various event items. Right now on display in the front hallway is a few duchev logs, book of machine, and a diploma.

15 E is still the Holiday Party pad. Christmas tree is up. I think I may buy some manniquins to help hold the collection up there someday.

More will likely be added to all 3 apartments over time, and eventually, I may acquire another apartment for other display purposes.

Due to the niche 'musuem' type of quality to these aparments, I may eventually put a shopkeeper in the apartments that will be a place to buy items similar to those on display in the apartments. I'll keep you posted if I get in to that sort of thing. Not sure on the demand for that sort of thing just quite yet.
I can put items in the booth, but it's still broken since I can't put any markup on there. Moved the Christmas tree down there to the booth from the Holiday Party pad for now. I will probably move various items between the estates like this at various times of the year just to add a little visual variety to the place.

Apartment 8H in Delta Tower at Omegaton now houses the 'Lost Library'. That's where I'm storing my blueprints and the blueprints related t the free rental service known as the Lost Library (see link in sig for more info).
starting to get a few things in the shop besides just blueprints...



The booth is now working and I put a few items in it last night. Going forward, expect to see more items other then just blueprints in both the shop and the booth. :) :ahh: :silly2:
bumping it up a bit
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added a link to Mitera's Place in post #2. I have not updated the listing of items in my shop in this thread in a long while since the blasted estate bug is back so shops are not acting right. However, the booth is working at the moment, and you can buy items that are in both the booth and shop if I understand the bug correctly. I just can't put more items in the shop once what's there is sold. The booth does work though and I currently have a few items in there from Arkadia! :)

Here's the new link: - Mitera's Place
I have not updated the list in a while. I might do that this weekend. Swing by the shop to see what's there! :)

The latest vu lets shop owners now actually be able to use their shops again, so I've started stocking the place again as half of the stuff that was there before that bug was sold already.

Currently in the shop there's a wide variety of blueprints. The bps on the table are level 3-7 component. On the shelf on the back wall there's a few level 1 and 2 component blueprints, quite a few texture blueprints, and a few other mixed blueprints from other categories. I'm trying to keep it organized so that there are no duplicates in the shop at any time so that you have more options available for your buying needs.

Out front in the display area is where the ad screen has been moved for for now. On display out there right now is a crafted killian sword, and a few items from arkadia at prices below auction market history prices for the most part.

I will probably stock the booth tonight. The old gigantium sign that used to be out front is on top of the booth at the moment. Come on by and take a look around.

I will likely move towards selling some other stuff besides blueprints in the future.

I might get back in to crafting in the not-too-distant future and selling what I make through that as hunting shinkibas doesn't seem to be getting me enough stackables to make selling stacks really a worthwhile pursuit.

Also, be sure to check out some of my neighbors shops and the party pad up in 15E. All the alcoholic enmatters from Rocktropia are on display in the bar area, as are all the duchev logs except #9 and 10 (still looking for those if anyone is selling - shoot me a pm sometime ;) ). Also, if anyone is selling UL viper whips, look me up in a few months. I traded off mine to get the rest of the duchev logs that I have on display.

Eventually, I might even buy the unique helmet to go with the log collection :)
Bye bye Delta Discounts. - New focus for the shop.

The above link is where I'll put future updates to my shop instead of in this thread.

I've decided to change the focus of my shop from a 'discount' store to a Melee Shop. I will still sometimes put blueprints in the shop since I have so many, and right now that's primarily what's still there, but I put in a clericdagger 1a in the shop window today, and will slowly start adding more melee items over the coming days/months/years...

My goal is to ultimately have an interesting and unique shop where you can find just about one of almost any kind of crafted melee item in game. Since I'm on a budget, I'm starting with the UL items from book I weapons for the most part as they don't require me to have a ton of residue to build, and will craft one of each craftable melee item I have blueprints for to put in the shop. I will sometimes also buy melee items from other shops and auctions if I see descent prices and put them in my shop at LOW prices. Sometimes might even try for such a small markup in profit that I'll only add +1 to the price I buy at, and still shoot for prices below auction in doing that. If the shop gets completely full, I may even sell at prices below the price I paid! Crazy I know, but I've got a bit of a unique little goal here, and want to see it succeed.

As items sell, I'm going to try to focus on replacing each item one by one.

I won't be changing the sign on the shop until at least half of the item slots are full of melee items. I don't know how long it'll take me to get there since I'm on a budget as I'm only depositing a certain set amount monthly, but over time, expect to see more and more melee items in this shop.

I'll try to make future updates in these forums at instead of here.

Happy Hunting.