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Happy Monday!
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Happy hump day!
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Will pay a visit to Delta Discounts next time I'm down planetside again.
Thanks. Happy Monday. Welcome to another lovely work week if you have a real world job.

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In the shop today: Alekz Precision Scope Blueprint
Allophyl Leather Texture Blueprint
Atrax Leather Texture Blueprint
Basic Bearings Blueprint
Basic Coil Blueprint
Basic Engine Blueprint
Basic Nuts Blueprint
Basic Power System Blueprint
Basic Processor Blueprint
Basic Pump Blueprint
Basic Pump Blueprint
Basic Relays Blueprint
Basic Rings Blueprint
Basic Screws Blueprint
Basic Sensor Blueprint
Basic Servo Blueprint
Basic Sheet Metal Blueprint
Basic Structure Blueprint
Basic Tube Blueprint
Basic Wires Blueprint
Bigwig Texture Blueprint
Bjornir Precision Scope Blueprint
Brukite Stone Texture Blueprint
Caldorite Texture Blueprint
Caudatergus Leather Texture Blueprint
Cbase Plastic Texture Blueprint
ClericDagger 1A Blueprint
Denim Fabric Texture Blueprint
E-Amp 11 Blueprint
Exarosaur Leather Texture Blueprint
Flannel Fabric Texture Blueprint
GEC Spur Gears 2K Blueprint
Galaxy SII Ion Conductors Blueprint
Ganganite Texture Blueprint
Guardian Thigh Guards Blueprint
Hardened Metal Ruds Blueprint
Hessian Fabric Texture Blueprint
Kaldon Stone Texture Blueprint
Killian Longsword Blueprint
Killian Sword Blueprint
Large Plug Blueprint
Maddox I Blueprint
Maddox I Blueprint
Mann MPH DLxE Blueprint
Mannell Shoes Blueprint
Mar-Peeker Davidov Blueprint
Megan Texture Blueprint
Metal Ruds Blueprint
Midastree Texture Blueprint
Mourner Leather Texture Blueprint
Mourner Leather Texture Blueprint
Nallo Ceiling Lamp Blueprint
Nissit Stone Texture Blueprint
Oxidized Iron Texture Blueprint
Pioneer Shin Guards (L) Blueprint
Rutol Stone Texture Blueprint
Sabakuma Leather Texture Blueprint
Shriek Basic Blueprint
Simple I Plastic Ruds Blueprint
Simple I Plastic Springs Blueprint
Simple II Conductors Blueprint
Simple II Plastic Springs Blueprint
Small Plugs Blueprint
Snarksnot Leather Texture Blueprint
Soft Leather Texture Blueprint
Solar 6V Gel Batteries Blueprint
Sopur Stone Texture Blueprint
Standard Hinge Blueprint
Standard Intelligence Module Blueprint
Standard Matrix Blueprint
Standard Rod Blueprint
Standard VisioMem Blueprint
Super Alloy Plating Blueprint
Super Alloy Ruds Blueprint
Tantardion Leather Texture Blueprint
Tantardion Leather Texture Blueprint
Terrycloth Fabric Texture Blueprint
Urban Pattern Pants Blueprint
Wrinkled Felt Fabric Texture Blueprint
Durable Damper Blueprint
Electropositive Capacitor Blueprint
Electropositive Communication Blueprint
GeoTrek Buttstock Blueprint
Hardened Foil Blueprint
Hardened Pipe Blueprint
Hardened Screws Blueprint
Heavy Duty Core Blueprint
Heavy Duty Coupling Blueprint
Heavy Duty Filter Blueprint
Heavy Duty Seals Blueprint
Omegaton Bur Ning (L) Blueprint
Reinforced Bearings Blueprint
Reinforced Hinge Blueprint
Reinforced Plate Blueprint
Simple III Conductors Blueprint
Solar 8V Gel Batteries Blueprint
Triphased Auxiliary Socket Blueprint
Triphased Power Systems Blueprint
Triphased Wires Blueprint
Basic Filters Blueprint
Jester D-1 Blueprint
Ziplex Ju10 MatterSeeker - tier .9

I have redecorated the place yet again. We are down to one tron tower in the shop and ad screen has been removed from the booth to allow for more slots for the blueprints, and/or other items I put in there in the future. Unfortunately, a bug with the tron column keeps me from putting the blueprints on the top portion of tron tower, so a few are on the floor, but they are right next to the tron tower so you can still see all of them at once if you enter the shop.
Happy Monday. Google tells me it's the 115th birthday of Xrays today. :)
time for a bump. Thinking about maybe selling a lot of the bps in storage in one massive bulk sale here on forums.

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Happy Tuesday
Inspired by Lexie,

I've decided to put a freebie table at my shop's entrance again (used to have a freebie L-quent near the booth)... This place will be for stuff that others or myself donate to help out folks. I may put some blueprints there, maybe some sweat, maybe some stackables. Just never know what'll be there. Figure this is one small way I can help give back to the community. The table will go up later tonight. If anyone wants to make donations to the table, feel free to drop your stuff off there at any time.

This is being done to encourage more folks to visit and help out others. It's NOT being done to encourage folks to leech and scam. If too many leechers are found, I might have to find them and bring out my whip to spank their bottoms. ;)
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Happy Friday! Only a week til Black Friday!
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Happy Tuesday
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Thanksgiving Bump
lowered prices on a few things including maddox I bps. I will likely do this on more stuff in the shop in the not-too-distant future when I have more time to be online to study each item's recent history and price appropriately.
Black Friday bump
Just had a glass of wine and now may go do something silly and lower some prices in the shop bump.