FYI: Falco's Entropia City Maps VU 10


Sep 3, 2006
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Norbert Falco Gregory

Falco's Entropia City Maps of VU 10 will be published here.

Index of the maps in this Thread


---------------------- A ----------------------
TP Athena Spaceport (added 14 Nov 2009)
TP Atlas Haven (added 14 Nov 2009)
Atlas Haven West (added 14 Nov 2009)
---------------------- B ----------------------
TP Billy's Spaceship Afterworld (added 26 Oct 2009)
---------------------- C ----------------------
Chug's Hideout (added 26 Oct 2009)
---------------------- F ----------------------
TP Fort Argus (added 14 Nov 2009)
TP Fort Fury (added 14 Nov 2009)
TP Fort Ithaca (added 14 Nov 2009)
TP Fort Medusa (added 20 Oct 2009)
TP Fort Troy (added 14 Nov 2009)
TP Fort Zeus (added 14 Nov 2009)
---------------------- G ----------------------
TP Genesis Ametheras HQ (added 26 Oct 2009)
---------------------- N ----------------------
TP New Oxford (added 26 Oct 2009)
TP Nymphtown (added 16 Oct 2009)
---------------------- O ----------------------
TP Omegaton West Habitat (added 26 Oct 2009)
---------------------- P ----------------------
updated:TP Port Atlantis (updated 03 Jan 2010)
---------------------- S ----------------------
TP Sakura City (added 26 Oct 2009)
---------------------- T ----------------------
TP Treasure Island Castle (added 26 Oct 2009)
TP Treasure Island City (added 26 Oct 2009)
TP Treasure Island Northern Shores (added 14 Nov 2009)
TP Twin Peaks (added 20 Oct 2009)


NEW: TP The Mall of CND (added 03 Jan 2010)

more will be published end of February 2010

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Port Atlantis
updated 03 Jan 2010


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Great work there ;)

Looking forward to next pieces.
Was hoping you would be updating the maps :thumbup:

Great work and looking forward to the rest :yay:

May I recommend that you retain the previous maps (still on your website I see) for historical purposes?
Fort Medusa

Twin Peaks

May I recommend that you retain the previous maps (still on your website I see) for historical purposes?
The old maps are also stored here in the forum. I added the link to the old maps in my signature.

Billy's Spaceship Afterworld

Chugs Hideout

Genesis Amethera HQ

New Oxford

Omegaton West Habitat

Sakura City

Treasure Island Castle

Treasure Island City

This is really really awesome work! +rep for that!!!! :wtg:
Nice work! +rep
Next bundle of maps is coming. If you have suggestions, which maps I shall publish, please feel free and write it down.

Athena Spaceport

Atlas Haven

Atlas Haven West

Fort Argus

Fort Fury

Fort Ithaca

Fort Troy

Fort Zeus

Treasure Island Northern Shores
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The Mall of CND

Info for shop owners: You can use a copy of this map to inform your customers where your shop is.
"Driving directions" it is called in in English, if I am right.
This needs to be moved to the Calypso Planet geography section and stickied there!!!


Wow great maps.:) Could you ad the mission brokers if there are any:D